Any folder (rather than file) duplicate removers exist?

I’ve got almost 10 TB of inadequately organized stuff between/across my soho network. One positive thing about older disk storage technology is that, when you only had 100 MB of hard drive storage capacity (and felt damn lucky to have even that much), you were very careful not to allow any wasteful duplicates to live there long.

I could go on about Parkinson’s Law and all that, but I’ll spare you all and get right to the point: I’ve searched and searched, but I can’t find a tool that identifies (and optionally eliminates) duplicate folders.

Utilities that eliminate duplicate files are a dime a dozen, and I already own the best I’ve ever encountered D’peg, which seems to work only on images, but I’ve used it for any and every kind of file (I think it’s best because it provides a remarkable array of powerful capabilities, including highly customizable rules for automatic deletion of duplicates without user intervention).

But I’ve found nothing that does the same for entire folders, which is what I’m looking for. Does anyone know of any? It doesn’t have to process the entire file system at once; a single folder tree at a time would be fine.

(ps: I’ve found something that looked like a possible hit: DRT, but it’s designed for a special case scenario of malware infection and wants to run under Safe Mode, which is not an option for me.