Any Frankfurt Dopers? Q about train stops

I’m going to Germany for a couple of weeks with a few friends. We’re flying in to and out of Frankfurt and will most likely be renting a car from Enterprise. The Enterprise office is located at Mainzer Landstr. 318-320 60326 Frankfurt am Main.

Any idea what the closest S Bahn stop is to that? It looks like the S7, S8 and S9 all run to/from the airport, so getting into the city proper shouldn’t be too hard, but I’ll need some direction from there.


Not a Frankfurter, but the advanced timetable search form of German Railways should serve.

If you input
From = Station/Stop = Frankfurt Flughafen and
To = Address = Frankfurt Mainzer Landstraße 320
(and accept the default alternatives for the name disambiguation then) the results look plausible to me.

Frankfurt city map (takes a bit to load on a slow connection).


I’d been looking at, but didn’t notice the option to input an adress rather than a stop. Glad someone more observant is out there.