Any full-time RVers here? How's it going in COVID time?

Public parks and campgrounds around here (central California) have been closed for some time now - our little RV has been idle all year - but private sites like KOAs are not affected by shutdowns AFAIK and a nearby “trailer park” sure hasn’t emptied. Are any Dopers living in motorhomes or trailers in temporary spaces? What have you undergone? Have sites extended their time limits, or changed rates, or kicked you out?

Not a full timer, but my cousins are. Sold their house years ago and retired to a motorhome. According to FB posts, they’re finding fewer and fewer state parks available. They’ve switched to private parks and less travel for the time being. I don’t know the details though. They do have relatives in the South who can accommodate (and power) their rig should the need arise, but they haven’t had to retreat there yet.

Sorry for the lack of details.

Currently in an RV park in Laughlin on the grounds of a hotel and casino. All the hotels and casino are closed. Was planning to go to a park in southern CA earlier this month but it was closed Apr 7. It is opening May 1 and we have a reservation. It is getting hot here, 102 F yesterday and our rig does not handle heat well. Planning to stay in San Diego area for the summer.

Like the OP, we have a small RV that will likely get no use this year. It’s one of the sadder personal aspects of this mess for us, as our annual pilgrimage along the Oregon coast is something we always look forward to. As of now, though, all the parks and campgrounds are closed; and even if the private campgrounds are open, all the beaches are closed and the coastal towns don’t want tourists for now. Glad we’re not full-timers.

So much for that. Ca campgrounds closed till May 15. Guess we are stuck here for two more weeks.

Not an RVer myself but I’ve been checking out the youtube channels of bunch of people who live on the road. As you would expect there is range of what they’re encountering and how they’re handling the situation.

Anyone who has a “real” home seems to have headed back to base for the duration, others have found a place to park their rigs with friends or family. The folks who live in their RVs full time are having mixed luck finding places to stay for any longer than a week or so.

The National Park Service has closed down most of their campgrounds, and the National Forest Service is kicking people out of dispersed camping areas too. BLM lands seem to be okay, but some places are getting skittish about having transients living in open areas on the outskirts of town.

This seems like a terrible strategy in the context of movement restrictions and stay-at-home orders. Someone already in a camping area is way more physically distanced than if, say, they have a ‘usual home’ which is in an apartment block. Not to mention the basic dysfunction of forcing people who don’t have fixed abodes to move about continually in search of somewhere that will let them stay put.

I would have thought that a much better idea would simply be to instruct anyone who’s already at a campsite or caravan park to stay there if they can, and simply not let anyone keep moving from one to another.