Any Given Sunday, movies/football questions (spoiler)

After just watching this 2 and a half hour atrocity, my friends and i discussed a couple things relating to the movie:

  1. In one game, one team was wearing a dark blue uniform, the other team, black. I know that in pro football, one team wears their white uniform, and the other team wears their coloured uniform. My friend insisted that home team wears colours, away team wears white … i thought it was the other way around. Which is it?

  2. The good guys win their final game (way to be original, Oliver). I’ve seen dozens and dozens of sports movies … has there ever been one where the team loses their final game? I haven’t seen Slapshot in a long, long time, so that may be a contender. Also, The Great White Hype had a fairly suprising ending. Are there any others?

  1. Home team traditionally wears colors, but can ELECT to wear white if they wish.

  2. Not a “team sport” movie, but the “good guy” lost in Rocky I

The away team is supposed to wear white uniforms. This is actually discussed in the Goofs section of the IMDB.

As for a team not winning the final game, Lucas comes to mind. I don’t remember if they lost the game in Slapshot - it may have been a forfeit…

Not real sure about question 2, but I think I can address your first question. :slight_smile:

In the NFL, the home team gets to choose either white or dark uniforms for itself; the visiting team must wear the opposite. Most teams choose dark, but some regularly wear white at home (e.g., Dallas).

AFAIK, at the college level and down, it’s much simpler: home team wears dark.

For most other sports (basketball, baseball, hockey), the general rule is that the home team wears white. A complete answer is more complicated than that, but it’s close.

In a lot of cases, both teams wearing (different) dark colors can be OK (soccer does it all the time, and I’ve been to blue-vs.-red high school football games). I get the feeling that most sports prefer it to be more cut-and-dried, and dictate that all games shall be white vs. something-clearly-not-white.

Tin Cup Kevin Costner loses the US Open on the final hole. Bad News Bears lose their final game. Slapshot the team wins when a player on the opposing team ko’s the ref. Rocky the fight actually ends in a split decision, with the champ retaining the title.

As for the color of the football uniforms, I suppose if it were the NFL it would be true, but this was some fictional football league that obviously can have whatever rules the Director deems cinematically desirable.

“Mystery, Alaska”, the local amateur hockey team gets to play an NHL team, loses. Still a good flick though.

College football teams can wear white at home only if their opponents allow it. LSU is notable for this.

In the film “The Natural” the good guys win. In the book, the “good guys” don’t. Of course, there aren’t any “good guys” in Malamud’s book.

Geena Davis drops the ball at the end of the championship game in A League of Their Own. Then she retires, having never won it all. How sad.

But Lori Petty ends up winning the game and Geena Davis goes back home with her husband, which is what she wanted to do all along, it being the 1940s and all.
It was necessary to have one of the two sisters lose. Besides they have a tearful reunion at the end 50 years later.

Here in Division III land, basketball teams tend to play two games on weekends, one on Friday and one on Saturday. Since the travelling team doesn’t have a chance to wash uniforms, they wear colors on Friday and whites on Saturday. (I think I got the order correct.) So when playing at home, the team would wear whites on Friday and colors on Saturday.