Any Goldbrau players here? A rules question

Just picked this game up this week. I’ve had to read the rulebook a couple of times but I think I’ve got it now. But I still have a couple of questions.

When you reach six shares on a business and eliminate all the single shares, is it immediate? For example, let’s say I’m the green player and there’s a business with three red and two blue shares on it. It’s payday and I want to get a share of the money from this business. Can I play a share and stake a claim to the money before my single piece is eliminated? Or is my share considered to be eliminated at the instant it’s placed and before it can have any effect?

Once a business reaches the six piece limit, is its status change considered permanent? For example, let’s say there’s a business with two red, two blue, and one yellow share on it. I play a green share and that’s the sixth share. My share and the yellow share are bumped off. The business now has only four shares on it (the two red and two blue). Can I play another green share on it? Or is the rule supposed to be that once a business reaches six shares no single shares are subsequently allowed, even if the ownership drops back down.

So, not a popular game with the dopers?

I suspect you’d get a better response posting over at It’s not exactly a best-seller.

Been a while since I’ve played it, but from my reading of the rules

the removal of the single shares happens as soon as you hit six. Immediately. So it doesn’t sit around until the payout section of payday. So I’d say, no, you get no money out of it.

As for your other question, there are only 6 share cards of each business, and used share cards are discard out of the game. They never get shuffled back in, so it’s irrelevant. Once a business hits 6 shares once, that’s it, there are no more shares left.

A good point I had overlooked.