Any good adventure movies?

Unless it’s a comedy or something, I usually prefer to watch movies because of the background and atmosphere, so I like adventure type movies a lot, people lost in woods and stuff like that, but what I don’t like is boring drama, complicated story, a movie that never seems to end or the opposite, too much action, so…is there a nice chill movie where you have people going in to the wild to find gold or something fun like that?

A wild west background would be nice, north American mountains too, it can even be a kids movie, I need some inspiration for making nature related 3d models, so the more outdoors, the better.

The latest Tomb Raider fits the bill quite nicely.

The new Jumanji is a lot of fun, you will love it and it fits what you’re after pretty closely.

Possibly Annihilation, though it’s quite slow and dramatic.

The new Planet Of The Apes movies have a lot of forest adventure.

Kong Skull Island is a fast-moving jungle adventure.

You might enjoy the Mission Impossible movies.

Also: Jurassic World, Hunger Games, Maze Runner, and Divergent.

The Adventures of Ford Fairlane is a really good movie. And it has “Adventures” right in the title!

It occurs to me that a lot of family/kid-friendly movies will more or less fit your requirements. The first ones to come to mind were A Far Off Place and Courage Mountain (starring The Devil and Charlie Sheen.) Looking at this site for movies similar to Courage Mountain gives promising choices, including True Heart and My Side of the Mountain. Speaking of True Heart (which takes place in Australia) you have Walkabout, Rabbit Proof Fence, and Ten Canoes. Looking at this list, possibilities include Romancing the Stone, Explorers and Stand By Me. From this one possibilities include Adventures in Babysitting, Honey I Shrunk the Kids, The Rescuers Down Under (and The Rescuers), Super 8, and Moonrise Kingdom. Looking at this Wikipedia list, some that catch my eye include The Adventures of Huck Finn, The Boxtrolls, Brave, Escape to Witch Mountain, and* Return From Witch Mountain*.

I will also say Kong Skull Island for a recent pretty good one.

I am only halfway through but so far the Netflix remake of Lost in Space is a fun adventure. More adventure than Sci fi so far.

The Revenant is a western movie with mucho background and adventure. So much background that Madame P. and I came to the determination that the stars of the movie were the rivers and the trees. Very good film.

Do you like animated movies? The Road to El Dorado was pretty good.

List of adventure films

If you want to bathe in scenery and adventure in the sense of discovery, rather than necessarily rootin’ Tootin’ and shootin’ my favourite is an Akira Kurosawa classic Dersu Uzala, which is set set in the Russian boonies.

A great meditation on friendship and relations between people and nature, an adventure but not an action flick.

Raiders of the Lost Ark. Still amazingly good fun.

When did it become “Indiana Jones and the…”?

“Hatari,” is a lotta fun, a little silly, but photographed beautifully and the scenes of capturing animals are exciting. Music by Mancini.

How about South American jungle? Check out Sorcerer from 1977.

When the first box set of VHS tapes came out. It’s only on packaging though.

‘The Edge is good’ - The Edge (1997) - IMDb

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