Any good bug & dirt proof outside storage units for a grill?

I want something for next to the grill, with a tight storage draw fairly high that will add a little extra workspace at the same time. But I want to store most of my grilling utensils outside instead of in the house. Maybe leave some basic seasoning in also.

Any good recommendations?

I guess I’m talking something like this:

One bump as I can’t find much out there.

You can check the outdoor kitchen suppliers, but their stuff will be pricey. Restaurant suppliers will have more options in plastic, but it’s still going to be high end stuff.

Friend of mine uses an old mid-size refrigerator that no longer works.

What kind of grill?

Weber Genesis Gas

I just leave my grill spatula, tongs, fork and grill basket out on the grill. If they are going to be used I preheat them with the grill to 500 for 10-15 minutes like I do with the grill then hit them with the grill brush too. If they get dirty at the end of grilling they get thrown in the dishwasher with everything else then go back out on the grill until next time.

Those come in a lot of shapes and sizes today and have for decades. They’re all pretty big, though. I think you’re looking at something like a shed.

The one I linked to is about 34" high and has a nice high enclosure beneath the work surface. Also casters. At $139 it is beginning to look like a bargain. The outdoor kitchen supply stuff is $400 and up.

My Weber Genesis is close to the 300 model and from 2008. It might be the 300 model. So the 34" height is pretty good.

Cripes, I completely misread the OP. I thought you wanted to put the entire grill inside something.

I’ve been eyeing something like this for my patio:

I already use a plastic tub with a lid for most of the tools, lighters, thermometers and whatnot.

I like the idea of the fairly high, easy to reach cabinet on this model.

After looking all over the place, it is sitting in my cart. I can’t find anything that matches what I was roughly looking for better and though a little pricey, it will hopefully hold up 10 years and is cheaper than me trying to build something out of good wood. I could slap together something out of marine grade plywood I guess, but I might as well break down and buy this.

Which color? FWIW I think the solid color two look classier. I Ike the darker of the two colors, but YMMV.

I ordered the lighter one, it should last longer in the sun.

Good thinking. I hadn’t thought of that. Should look nice.