Any good chinese food places in Boulder, CO?

I’ve sampled a few of the places out here, none of them are that good IMO. Does anyone know of a place in Boulder, CO where one can get good chinese food?

Tokyo Joe’s (Hwy 36 & McCaslin) is very good.

Move to Denver. Boulder sucks. :slight_smile:

Off to MPSIMS.

For Chinese, try the Orchid Pavillion at 1050 Walnut. Nice place, good food, not great. I recommend Chez Thuy, a Vietnamese place on 28th St between Mapleton and Valmont. Much better food, and the best hot and sour soup in the area.

I hate to agree with the above comment, but when it comes to Chinese food, there is some truth to it.

Chez Thuy kicks ass.

Golden Lotus on 28th is good, as is Orchid Pavillion. Stay away from the Chinese on the hill - it’s cheap, but mediocre quality at best.

I also agree with Lamar & Carina. There’s plenty of good Chinese in Boulder, but nothing really great.

Last I heard the best Chinese in Denver is the Imperial Palace (I think that’s what it’s called) on Broadway. Anyone eaten there lately?

Move to Denver, then you’d experience the joys of awesome Thai- Tommy’s Thai, corner of Colfax and Cook (Adams?). Just a few blocks down from The Bluebird. Small fast-food looking place with the absolute BEST Phad-Thai I’ve ever had. And if you ask for it hot- they WILL make it hot, not like other wimpy places.

In Boulder there was a Chinese place I liked near the, oh jeez, Pyramid(?) brewery (or was Pyramid Ale just one flavour? Sorry, it’s been awhile), right off of the P.S. Mall. Groundfloor, gold lions out in front of the door…maybe the one mentioned above.

Mr. Scarlett and I agree that the best meal we ever had in our lives was at India’s Grill in Greeley. Excellent Indian food, and they toned down the spices at our request. There was enough left over for lunch the next day, and it was still excellent. I can’t wait for our next trip to Colorado to visit the friends who took us to this wonderful place.

If you’re talking about the place north of the mall, green building, east side of the street?, I’ve found it to be excellent and I’ve eaten there several times.


Yup…It’s ok, but nothing spectacular. Far too expensive for the quality.

The Emperess is far better (roughly Federal and Alameda)and it has wonderful dim sum.

Royal Garden, off of Colfax, near Union/Simms is very good too. Not a very imaginative menu (standard Chinese fare) but I’ve never had a bad meal there. Not once. They have the best Lemon Chicken I’ve ever had and their Twice Cooked Pork is likewise excellent. Great consistency, and it’s priced very reasonably. But you won’t get much innovation.

To me, the best Chinese resturant in Colorado is Swan Place in Colorado Springs. Wildly imaginative menu, excellent quality, expensive, but worth it. Winter Melon soup that’s indescribably good, they’ve got a salt-and-pepper shrimp dish that’s fantastic…I’ve driven to the Springs several times just to eat there and I’ve never been disappointed.


I haven’t had much luck finding good chinese restauraunts here, But Sewaddee has really good Thai food. It’s just a little bit north of Arapahoe on 30th, you can see the back of it from Arapahoe.


No one has mentions K’s China - on the hill. Plus they have live bands at night.

Also Viet Hoa over by the Video Station - Vietnamese - also excellent!

E-mail me - we’ll do lunch.

Maybe we should have a mini-dpoe gathering at the Oasis and drink brewski’s into the wee hours. Clearly there are a few of us here in BoCo

Pyramid Ale is a beer by Oasis Brewing Co.

The place on the mall…damn you… we call it “Bobo China” but damned if I know whether or not that’s the real name.

Didn’t Bobo China close in 1997? They had a good, inexpensive steam table buffet for lunch. Not gourmet, but what the hell.

May Wah on Baseline is pretty good, especially for lunch, but don’t trust them to deliver exactly what you ordered. Better to pick up.

Also, one other one, down Baseline (towards Denver roughly)in the big shopping center, next to the pizza place, starts with a “J” maybe, or a “Y”? Shit, I KNEW I’d need those brain cells again someday!