Any good helicopter simulations come out in the last few years?

Wasn’t quite sure where to place this, but it’s video game related, so I’m guessing here.

I haven’t kept up very much with simulations in recent years, so I’m wondering if they came out with a good helicopter sim. Preferably military, but the helicopter equivelant of MS Flight Sim would be cool.

I’m mostly looking for realism and authenticity in the flight model.

I personally use X-Plane (for Mac, Windows, and Linux), which is built around accuracy. You can model almost any aircraft type you can imagine, and see how it’ll fly. Helicopters included.

IThere are weapons available in the sim, but they don’t do any damage, and you don’t have missions or enemies to fight or anything (yet, at least. There are some user projects that may change this).

I don’t have it, but I thought the latest edition of MS Flight Simulator had a couple of flyable helicopters. At least the R-22.

  • Peter Wiggen

Does anyone remember the name of that helicopter game in the arcades 10 years ago?

Do the flight sims mentioned above really model helicopters well? It seems like helicopters are a bit of an afterthought in those, though I may be wrong.

The last really good helicopter sim that I played was Longbow 2… Years ago… 1997 actually.

KA-52 Team Alligator came out in 1999, but it wasn’t too good, according to reviews (I never played it)

Basically, that’s about is AFAIK regarding helicopter sims. The market for them doesn’t appear to be very big, especially the more realistic ones (helicopters are much more difficult for a casual gamer who’s used to airplanes)

The latest helicopter game I can find that came out is Commanche 4, which came out in 2001. Reading the reviews, it seems decent. Although it seems more arcade-y than Longbow, which was a much more hardcore-sim (a genre which itself seems to have faded almost in to non-existence)

I wish I could find a copy of Longbow 2 again, as one of my CDs got destroyed, so I can no longer install/play it.

MS Flight Sim’s R-22 has a very accurate model, IIRC. There are plenty of other models available just as good and MSFS can’t be beat for overall realism.

BUT! And this is a big but ( :smiley: ): It is worthless to near-impossible to fly them with your standard joystick + keyboard. You’ll have to invest in a set of helicopter modelled controllers with pedals and a collective.

I checked out a helicopter training program of a flight school at my local airport. They have an FAA-approved training simulator that is based on a full cockpit mockup and MS Flight Simulator.

How about this?

I wish I could’ve found Longbow 2, long ago. I was a big fan of the original. I remember it came with 2 several hundred page books on helicopter flight dynamics and apache systems. They don’t make them like they used to.

I have enemy engaged: apache vs hind, which, as far as helicopter flight model isn’t bad, but the AI wingmen/squad/flight are absolutely terrible and useless, which takes away a lot from the game, as the missions are designed around using them. I’m not even sure if I can find the CDs to that, actually…

It’s hard to find any of those games you mentioned for sale, or the sequel to apache vs hind, which might’ve been better.

I might get that, just to take care of my helicopter itch, then… although it won’t be nearly as fun as popping up from behind a mountain and laying waste to a company of tanks.

I have a joystick with a twist stick for rudder and a basic throttle. Does it require more than that?

X-Plane does, and all kinds. And, unlike MSFS, the flight characteristic models aren’t separate from the visual model. So you can’t just, say, build a Wright Flyer and make it perform like a UH-60.