Any Good Non-Alcoholic Wines?

I ask because I am on a medication that interacts with alcohol-simply put, i cannot have any. I like a nice oakey Chardonnay, well chilled-are there any decent non-alcoholic versions of this? In general, are the de-alcoholized wines greatly inferior?

No. Yes.

Isn’t that what people drink sparkling ciders for, a non-alcoholic alternative to wine?

They do make non-alcoholic “sparkling” grape juice. It’s pretty good, too!

I’m not sure how you’d get the “wine” taste, though, without the bite of alcohol.

(Are there any truly non-alcoholic beer substitutes? AIUI, near-beer has a small amount of C2H6O.)

I believe they can’t advertise themselves as “near beer” unless they have less than 0.5% ABV, which is a low enough amount as to be trivial unless you had some sort of health issue that made you hypersensitive to alcohol. I mean, you’d be talking ten of those things to equal the alcohol in one Budweiser.

I have to pee just thinking about it.

Good answer.

My daughter likes wine, but would rather not consume alcohol (the apple fell way far from the tree). I’ve purchased nonalcoholic wine for her every time she visits and they have all sucked, per her as well as others.

I bought a bottle-no alcohol chardonnay - terriblE!:frowning:

I was at a winery recently and they had verjus there for sale. My husband was driving so he got a glass… not terrible. Not at all like an oaky chardonnay (at least theirs wasn’t) but it was better than I thought it would be.


Unless the medication is Disulfiram (Antabuse), is there any way around your “no alcohol” issue?