Any hints on cleaning metal tiles?

We did a copper accent wall-lovely subway tiles, and they are metal, not ceramic. We even sprung for the spendy copper grout with metallic flakes that sparkle. (so special :rolleyes:), but keeping it clean is a bitch. I don’t want to use a caustic or abrasive cleaner, and I seem to get a film after cleaning that I need to wipe off, with no small effort, each tile. Manufacturer was no help at all. Last time I cleaned them, I shined them with Pledge. Any ideas going forward?

Barkeepers Friend

Might try this in an inconspicuous spot. Does a wonderful job on copper. It’s mildly abrasive but it sounds like your issue is oxidation.

You could also try metal degreasers. The ones in the old days contained all kinds of deadly chemicals, but the new ones are touted as safe. I’m thinking specifically of Simple Green
or even one of the “derived from oranges” degreaser cleaners.

I’ve never tried the Barkeeper stuff mentioned above, but have heard of it.

Is the tile sealed with a clear coat?