Any HP Touchsmart tx2 owners? Got rid of all the HP crap off it?

I’m not sure where this belongs. So, Sorry if this isn’t the place.

I own a HP Touchsmart TX2. It came, as you’d expect, with a lot of crap pre-installed on it (I wish they wouldn’t do that).

For peace of mind I’d like to re-install Windows (7) on it and only put on the things I want. I’ve disabled most of the HP stuff from starting up but I’d prefer if the stuff wasn’t installed in the first place.

I’d also want to get rid of the 15gb recovery partition and make use of that space.

Has anyone who owns the same computer done this? I can’t remember if mine came with a seperate copy of the windows 7 disc to re-install it so if it didn’t I guess I’m stuck with using the recovery partition.

(by rights I should be able to get HP to send me a w7 disc as I do legally own the software)

Incedentally - how do you use the recovery partition?

Download a utility called CrapCleaner that is designed to ‘clean all that crap’ off your computer. It finds the common ones, and then asks you about deleting each of them.

I think the new, cleaned-up name is CCleaner

I think what you were going for is The PC DeCrapifier.

Try that. I use it on client’s computers after they bring them home from Worst Buy or the like.

Just try Revo Uninstaller. It is free and it tells you what is on your computer now. Then step by step remove it.

I would love for this to be true as I just bought an HP notebook and have the same issues that you do. However I very much doubt that it is. What you have is a licence to use W7 on the terms set out in the licence. Those terms may or may not include the right to get a W7 disk. I suspect not. You don’t “own” it. MS own it.

I’m not to sure on HP’s but eHow Has a guide on how to use the recovery partition.

Also, Sony and a few others allow you to burn a recovery DVD, so the HP recovery software might allow you to do so as well, which is often a very good Idea as that usually allows a complete clean install

If HP is anything like Dell, they will send you a re-install disk, which will put your computer back to the state it was on leaving the factory. In other words, it will reinstall the operating system, and also reinstall all that crap trialware, etc. that they were paid ton include on your computer.

A probably better solution is to clean off all the pre-installed crapware, get you system set up the way you like (options, wallpaper, etc.) and then make your own reinstall CD.