Any idea on how to get rid of moles?

We’re renting this house, so when we discovered a couple of mole trails in the yard, we notified our landlord, who said he’d send over an exterminator. Which, thus far, he hasn’t done; it’s been about two weeks now.

And in the meantime, we have what appears to be an entire mole colony busily undermining our yard. The front yard has an area about 10’ x 10’ that’s so undermined the ground is too soft for Papa T. to even run the lawnmower across it without sinking in several inches. And there’s a truly impressive mole trail across the back yard that has dirt thrown up a good 6".

So any ideas on something we can do to get rid of them that is not harmful to dogs? Since our two dogs go out in the back yard a whole bunch (although, fortunately, not the front where it’s worst). We aren’t willing to spend money on an exterminator since it is not yet responsibility, but until our landlord gets off his ass and does something, we’d like to do anything that might work.

Help! Any ideas?

I don’t know how well they work, but I have always liked the idea of electronic devices or those mole windmills that are supposed to chase moles away. Trapping them, shooting them, poisoning them, chewing gumming them or drowning them always seemed kind of cruel. Of course, with the windmill, you will probably just chase them into your neighbor’s yard, who will then poison them. :wink:

First thing I though of was Bill Murray in Caddyshack, although that wasn’t a mole.

A search should reveal a few threads…I know I’ve seen them here before.

Cats can be a good solution; however, several neighborhood cats hang out in my yard. I’m the only one in my 'hood who waters, so my yard is green. And full of birds, bugs, cats, and moles. And the cats don’t seem to care about the moles.

I planted a new patch of lawn last year and the moles ransacked it. I bought a product shaped like a spike that is pounded into the ground. It produces an ultrasonic noise every 15 seconds that is supposed to repel moles.

Did it work? Well, they now avoid that area. Was it a coincidence? Only a scientific study with a control would tell for sure.

I still have moles, but they are far away from the spike, and they only dig in flower beds. Only thing I can’t have is tulips. Otherwise, we seem to be living in peaceful coexistence.

They make smoke bombs for moles. You seal up all but one of their holes, and then drop a smoke bomb in and cover it.

I have a big mole living in my yard, and it has come time to remove him. I am hesitant to use anything but the smoke bombe because the poison baits they have look like either peanuts or gummi-worm type things. My 3 year old is pretty smart, but the last thing I want is to take a child (mine or a neighbors) to the hospital because they ate mole poison.

Give the smoke bombs a try.

Got a beagle that has dug out 7 moles so far. They go away soon after he is on thre job. He smells them underground and after a couple seconds of digging comes up with one by the tail.

quickly deletes the links to articles on ‘laser surgery’ off his memo pad and quietly tries to leave the thread before he’s noticed.

Yeah, you can just snip them off (if they’re that annoying kind that are a little blob held on by a skinnier root) or gouge out the skin they are attached to.

Or just call them “beauty marks” and be done with it.

Back at our house in Maryland when I was growing up, we had a serious mole problem. Our solutions were all unspeakably cruel. The first was simple: stomp the tunnels so that they were flush with the ground. When the moles passed through the tunnel the next time, they would bump it up again in their wake, making their progress easy to track, kind of like in a Bugs Bunny cartoon. We’d then go to the head of the tunnel and pummel the shite out of the mole with a baseball bat, sledgehammer or post hole digger.

Then Dad got this device that was even worse. It was made of stainless steel. It was basically the shape of a croquet hoop, and it straddled the tunnel. When the mole passed under it, it would trip a little switch and three or four needle sharp spikes would perforate the tunnel and the mole within. Sick.

Do you hire out your beagle, Least Original User Name Ever? Because my lab and golden retriever aren’t remotely interested in digging them out, unfortunately.

What’s the price (roughly) for those ultrasonic spikes, Runs With Scissors? Because if we could use a couple of those to drive them back next door to the community center (from whence they came, I’m sure, since our neighbor on the other side spends 14 hours a day in his garden and no self-respecting mole would dare tresspass there!), that would be good enough for me.

My jack russell terrier completely eliminated moles from my property in about three months.

Now that the serious answers have weighed in, note that the heading of this OP can mean many different things to different occupations:

  1. to a medical pro or a cosmetician, “mole” means small brown “beauty spots”

  2. to an Gynocolgist it’s a odd mass found in the uterus (rare)

  3. to a civil engineer or naval worker, it means a type of sea wall or breakwater

  4. to other civil engineers, it can mean a type of burrowing machine.

  5. to a cook, it’s a chocolate/hot pepper sauce.

  6. to a chemist, it’s a measurement, Avrogado’s number and all that.

  7. to a biolologist or yard care worker (and the OP), it means small burrowing insect eating mammals.

  8. to a government agent or a spy- it’s a type of undercover agent sent in to work his way from the inside.

You are supposedly able to determine something about someones occupation/education by showing them that word (mo-le’ in the sense of a sauce is pronounced mole-AY, so you can’t just say “mole”) and then asking them what’s the 1st definition that comes to mind, then all the definitions they can come up with. I didn’t know #2.

Good point, DrDeth! Silly me, I was so fixated on those burrowing mammals in my yard that I forgot how many other definitions of “mole” there can be.

I sincerely doubt I’d want to turn a jack russell terrier loose on a mole on my skin, however…

People used things that shook the ground (example) in days gone by.

Remove their food source. Moles eat grubs. Using an insecticide should reduce the problem. May not eliminate it completely as moles have other food sources. But generally, they’ll go where the food is plentiful.

I second the insecticide suggestion, especially one for grubs. Also, we use those stupid looking spinners that look like a sunflower or some such. I am told that the vibration of the shaft in the soil is unpleasent to moles. Some one here on another thread said moles locate their food by the vibrations they cause in the soil and the spinners mask these vibrations.
Either way, they work very well for us and they are cheap.