Any idea what this is a picture of?

Wife and I were going through a box of pictures we found in the attic and included in them was THIS. It’s some kind of building with lots of windows, some kind of a dome tower, and a flower clock.

I can’t for the life of me remember where that is. The pic was taken with a Kodak Advantix camera and the stamp on the back says it was developed in January of 1999. That doesn’t mean the picture was actually snapped anywhere near that time, though. I looked through some of my scrapbooks and can’t find any pictures even remotely close from the late 90’s that would jog my memory. Some of the trees looks tropical like to me if that helps.

Any ideas?

Googling about suggest maybe San Fransisco Conservatory of Flowers?

Golden Gate Park-Conservatory of Flowers.

Nice place. Last time I was there, it was full of orchids.
Victorian style.

Instead of flowers ???

One of my favorite places to visit in S.F.

Alright, that’s it. Thanks. :slight_smile:

What threw a wrench into it is the date stamp on the back that says 01/1999. We had not been anywhere near 'Frisco in '99 nor anytime prior to that when we had that Advantix camera. We were there in late June of 2005 (I keep meticulous records of my travels, both major and minor).

I’m thinking there was an internal time/date stamp in the camera that reset when batteries were changed and that’s why it got printed when the film was developed.

Since you have your answer, I just wanted to make a comment… I noticed that McDonald’s picture you have there. That’s creepy, never seen one like it. McVoyeurism? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I thought it was pretty fucked up myself. Did a thread on it back in 2009.

Lots of botanical gardens in UK look like that photo. belfast comes to mind.