Any ideas for my book?

Well, seeing as this is the largest collection of intelligent people on the web (or so I’m told) I figure you might have some ideas.
It’s a book about, well, hard to say. It’s non-fiction, I think.
Here’s some help on its content. Chapter one is about how I won two free Snapples, chapter five is on various quotations from around the world. That’s all I have so far, and five is only part-way done.
I will have a chapter on my ten tips to life (NOT success.) Help on any of those would be great. Any ideas for chapters would also help. I am going to have a chapter on various card, board, and dice games, because it’s important to know the rules to those sort of things.
Well, I leave it to you, the people of the SDMB.

(please don’t let me down.)

Not for nuthin’, but if you have to ask for ideas for a book, you probably shouldn’t be writing one.

Sounds like you’re writing about life… if so, put in a chapter about failure and how to deal with it with grace and style! :smiley:

I don’t have to ask, I am choosing to. I could very well leave now, write for hours on end, and have it finished in a month or so, but I plan for it not to be done until after I graduate (in four years.)
So I figure I get to put in all sorts of things that strike my fancy, and asking people for their ideas strikes my fancy.