Any ideas to help US presidential candidates?

After seeing this lady say she couldn’t imagine having a president named Obama ( ), I thought to myself:
Why doesn’t he change his name to O’Bama? Makes it more american and helps him take some of the Irish vote away from McCain.

For Sarah Palin - I think a series of swimsuit photos in Maxim would definitely increase her voting appeal amongst the college-age male population. (She was, after all, runner-up to Miss Alaska.) How could Joe Biden ever top that?

I’m sure that the great brains amongst the Teeming Millions can think of other suggestions to help their favourite candidate.

As far as important issues that do not get discussed enough, here is what was never asked during the debates:

What do you think of dropping the penny, stop making the dollar bill, start a national ad campaign promoting $1, $2 and $5 coins, and make the smallest bill the $10 bill? Cite studies showing that you could save money that way. That would be the sure mark of a bold thinker.

US stamps - why are they almost always rectangular? Triangle stamps need to be the default shape. Circle stamps a close second. This will bring back excitement to letter-writing, a good old-fashioned value.

Esperanto - go to the UN and threaten to pull out unless every country in the world agrees to start teaching Esperanto as a second language. If every person in the world knew their native tongue and the same second language, what a wonderful world it would be! We could all communicate and love each other.

I will think of others shortly. But I need more for the letter I plan to send to both candidates before the election.

e.g. What new cabinet positions do we need? Currently we have State, Treasury, Defense, Justice, Interior, Agriculture, Commerce, Labor, Health and Human Services, Housing and Urban Development, Transportation, Energy, Education, Veterans Affairs, Homeland Security. Surely some other posts are needed. Obviously, since we have a Department of Labor, we need a Department of Leisure. Department of Education is incomplete without Department of Ignorance. What else?

Barack actually advertised himself (jokingly, of course) as ‘Barry O’Bama’ when he was campaigning for the state Senate seat in Chicago.

It figures that my idea was so obvious that Mr. Obama had already thought of it.

How about this for a campaign idea : “To prove my patriotism, I plan on repainting the White House - still white, but with added red and blue trim!”

Or this: “To help the environment, all White House formal dinners will now consist of organic strictly vegan meals.”

Dear Former President Roosevelt: The Bull Moose Party isn’t helping anyone, most of all yourself. Just drop out. That is all.
What? Too archane?