Any Jeporady fans watching the Chase? How do they compare?

The Chase features trivia whiz Mark Labbett going against three contestants. They have to answer more questions correctly than he does to advance in the rounds.

Mark Labbett is pretty sharp. He’s also part of the British Show The Chase with two other trivia experts.

I can’t help but wonder how the better Jeopardy champions would stack up against Mark Labbett. The shows feature similar questions from a wide range of topics. But I think the Chase is easier in the early rounds. The questions are multiple choice. They require fill in the blank answers in the final round.

Any Jeopardy fans watching The Chase? How do you like it?

I really like it. I like most game shows but The Chase is definately in a higher echelon compared to others.

I always wanted to see Jeopardy champions go on Who Wants to be a Millionaire. No way could they do worse than some of the dopes that have been on it.

And whatever happened to Ben Stein? I loved his show. I’d like to see him compete on Millionaire, Jeopardy or The Chase.

He went on wingnut welfare years ago and now just shills for ignorance and superstition.

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

I’ve seen the British version and liked it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone beat the Chaser.

Are they snarky on the US show?

They call Mark Labbett the Beast. They play it up like he’s a formidable and arrogant opponent. Its snarky.

Mark is playing against a team of 3 on the US version . He’s been beaten several times. I think the UK version has three expert quiz people? Mark and two others that have to be beaten. That would be a challenge beating all three.

Let’s see, in the British version there are 3 contestants who team up to answer questions and then the next round has the contestant who, amongst themselves, they pick as best to go against the chaser alone. It’s one chaser per show although there are several chasers who rotate appearances.

The actor from Law & Order UK is the host and he’s good. There’s a lot of friendly insults.

Having done quizzes in other countries, there can be a lot of country-specific questions that are tough for non-citizens to answer.

Love The Chase. It and Jeopardy! (and Questions pour un Champion on French TV) are the only trivia-question-type game shows left.

i dont think you have the format correct. In the british version there are 3 contestants and one chaser. The chaser remains the same for a show but rotates between a group for 4 for subsequent shows.

In the first round contestants answers questions individually for 60 seconds and earn 1000 for each correct answer. They then go up against the chaser. They have a headstart on the chaser but are given the option to increase or decrease the headstart for a corresponding change in prize money e.g. If they get 8 questions right in the 60 seconds the chaser might offer them 20000 if they will move 1 step closer to him or 1000 to move a step further away. If the contestant is caught they are eliminated.

Once all 3 contestants have done this they move to the final chase. The remaining contestants then join together and answer questions for 2 minutes. The chaser is then brought back out and has to beat this total. If the chaser gets a question wrong the contestants get a chance to answer the same question and the chaser moves back a step if they get it right. If the chaser doesnt catch them the contestants split the prize money won.

Well that took longer than i thought!

So I caught the US version for the first time. I liked the idea and format, but had a few problems with it:

  1. The hostess was not so great. She was solid at reading the questions, but her banter was a bit off, and her cheerleading for the contestants grated a bit.

  2. The earlier rounds seemed a bit better than the final round. In particular I’m not a big fan of the “knock the chaser back” part of the final. If a wrong answer can hurt him then it should be able to hurt the contestants - I’d let the chaser have a free swing at any questions the team missed to reduce their lead before starting the chase.

  3. The hateful commercial breaks. I hated it on Millionaire and I really hate it here. Something that Jeopardy is great about is the solid flow. Answer, question, answer, question, DD, etc. No dead space, no “we’ll see the answer after the break” crap.

But in the end I’ll keep recording it to see if it sticks with me.

I couldn’t disagree more with both of these points. And it comes down to the same reason. A game show should not be an old school Infocom text adventure.

The contestants should have a chance, and the show should make it clear they have a chance.

As it is now, the format does both of those, while playing up the challenge - the format should give them an advantage - it’s 3 vs 1 if they play it right, they get the ability to hurt him in the final round, the host is on THEIR side - and he still wins more often than not. But they can win - it’s not rigged against them - and they can see that. That’s important. Take that away and even with the knowledge that it couldn’t actually be rigged or they’d be in trouble, it would look unfair, and would be fun neither to play nor to watch.

Also, letting the Beast pull back the contestants would hurt the analogy to an actual physical chase.

Well, in fairness he’s also busy being creepy.

Meanwhile, I’m watching the show for the first time, and the banter is both strained and insipid. Please tell me it gets better.

I agree the banter and insisting on calling Mark Labbett “the Beast” gets a little tiresome. I’m guessing this format was borrowed from the UK version. One of the more real moments is at the end. Mark will often drop the Beast act and sincerely congratulate or compliment the players.

I saw up thread that the UK version rotates who portrays the Beast. That’s a good idea. Less chance of getting irritated or bored with the same quiz expert.

I like the quiz format. The questions are reasonably challenging. So far they’ve had quite a few very sharp players. I like the concept of playing against the quiz expert. It’s more interesting when Mark Labbet makes the occasional error. I do wince when the players blow their opportunity and fail to answer the question too. I guess that makes sense. Any question that Mark Labbet can’t answer will be a hard one.

I guess the Ultimate match up would be Jeopardy champion Ken Jennings vs the Beast. I’d bet Jennings would beat the Beast. The multiple choice question format is easier than Jeopardy’s answer with a complete question.

I agree. I didn’t like her in the first season, and I was hoping they’d replace her for the second, but they didn’t.

The thing about that is, the chaser beats the contestants about 80% of the time (it seems to me, based on all the episodes I’ve seen). If you let him pull them back, he’d win 90–100% of the time.

He already has the advantage in the final round. First, they have to buzz in; he just spits out the answer. Second, if none of them know it, they all sit there for 2 or 3 seconds before one figures the others don’t know it and buzzes in to say “Pass.” The chaser can move on right away.

Me too, but what’re you gonna do?