Any LA Dopers Free To See A Concert With Me?

I have tickets to see Waldemar Bastos at Royce Hall this Sunday evening, May 7, at 7:00pm. The friend I was going to take just told me tonight that she has to work.

“The message that Bastos brings to his audiences merges the suffering of his people and a longing for home with optimism and the power of love. Describing a recent performance in New York, Jon Pareles “New York Times” said, “The songs, while serious, refused to stay downhearted for long. The band’s rhythmic undercurrents turned into grooves that lifted the music like a tropical breeze. There were rumbas, sembas (the Angolan ancestor of the samba) and hints of Caribbean rhythms and the Cape Verdean morna. The band’s arrangements were transparent enough to hear each staccato guitar note but ebullient enough for dancing.””

So if anyone would like to go with me, I’ve got great seats and the ticket is free.

Bumping this up. Greg? Johnny? Laura? Anyone? I’d ask Catrandom, but I dragged her to the last one and it wasn’t really her cup of tea. She was a good sport about it though. :slight_smile:

You’re asking one of us on a date? :o

I’ve got the helicopter scheduled 14:00 - 16:00 on Sunday. (Arnold and his SO have volunteered to be ballast. :D) Gotta pay for the thing, fill out my log, grab a bite to eat… Might be cutting it a bit close for me. Thanx for asking though!

Gee, Shayna. If I hadn’t already promised myself to a bunch of HouDopers I’d be tryin’ to get the first plane out.

Aw, thanks beatle. That would’ve been nice!

Sorry you can’t make it Johnny. I wouldn’t exactly call it a “date,” though, since the invitation’s open to the women here as well. And when 2 heterosexual females get together for an evening, it’s not usually referred to as a date. :wink:

This concert. Is it smoking or non smoking?

It’s NON-smoking of course! This is California, afterall. Remember? No one’s allowed to smoke anywhere except their homes and cars here. Besides, thanks in large part to you, I don’t smoke anyway. Yee Haa! :smiley:

And I have to pull the invitation. My friend just told me she can leave work at 5:00, allowing us plenty of time to grab a quick bite and get to the concert.

Maybe next time.

It’s sweet of you to say so, but it’s you’re victory alone.

Strut a little, hon. You’ve earned the right.

Have I told you lately that I love you, Wally?

Well shucks.

::turns red, makes little circles with the toe of his shoe::

Garsh, twarn’t nuthin.

Shayna I would go with you if I had any culture.

Yeah, t’warn’t nuthin’ but savin’ my life ‘sall. Nuthin’ big or anything.


You da best, Walster. :slight_smile:

Thanks, aha! I’ll pass on the mint. Got a toothpick I can dangle from my mouth, though?

damn, id love to go considering i could walk there!
but i cant, because i have a test the next day :frowning:
oh well , maybe next time… let me know