Any libertarian or independent candidates that could make it to major debates?

We haven’t seen third party candidates in major dabates since what Perot?

I’m interested in people’s opinions of Bill weld, Adam kokesh or any other third party candidates in 2020.

Cursory looks at Bill weld actually seem positive.

I’m assuming Republicans will stick to the incumbent Trump, Dems I have no idea…

So the whole thing seems ripe for a semi serious third party candidate. Though I have no illusions they’ll win.

What say you?

Bill Weld has announced he is running for the GOP nomination for President, not as an independent. Of course, unless more people jump in the race I would expect the national party to ignore his candidacy and cancel primaries wherever they can rather than allow a challenge against Trump. If that happens then maybe he would run as an L or I but that isn’t what is happening at this point. I personally think it unlikely since it looks as if his goal is to oust Trump.

As to the OP, no, there will not be an independent candidate allowed in the major debates. The Libertarian candidate has never been allowed to join in and I see no reason that would change in 2020.

That’s too bad, weld seems fairly sane from what I’ve seen

Don’t think there will be an I in major debates?

Weld is sane in spite of being a Republican. That’s because he is what would be called an “old school Republican” and is fairly moderate with some more liberal stances on social issues.

There hasn’t been an independent candidate in the major Presidential debates since 1992 when Ross Perot had unusually high poll numbers for an independent. There is no one running (so far) as an independent who is likely to poll at significant numbers. 5% would be significant. Perot was polling as high as 39% at one point but by the time of the debates was in the 7-9% range. He garnered 19% of the vote in the 1992 election which was the best performance by an independent in 80 years.

It is highly unlikely there will be anyone running as an independent in 2020 who will have hit 5% in the polls much less Perot numbers.

No, third party candidates don’t belong in the debates. They are fringe loons. Perhaps bring them out before the debate starts, laugh at them, and then boo them off the stage like a bad comedian or a bad opening act at a concert.

It’s sad, but Donald Trump was more qualified for president than Gary Johnson or Jill Stein in 2016. And Trump wasn’t qualified at all.

Yep - if one of the third party candidates did make it to the debates, that would just reduce interest in third parties. When you only hear snippets of what they say, it’s easy to build a positive opinion, but if you actually listen to them fo long you start to get a more and more negative opinion. For example, here are some interviews with 2016 Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, in which he sticks his tongue out at an interviewer, manages to not recognize “Aleppo” despite it being a common news item and major foreign policy question, can’t even name a single world leader that he admires, and can’t maintain his cool during a simple interview.

Hmm, honestly I don’t follow politics much at all, on the surface though we seem primed for it.

Democrats don’t seem to want a candidate that leans to the middle ( though it would probably take such a candidate to get swing voters), while Trump is extreme enough to alienate some republicans, yet noone wants to un-enddorse (is that a word?) an
On the other hand maybe it just means we’re primed for Democrats to toss in another woman or minority to swing the vote?


I think something drastic would have to happen in order for Adam Kokesh to make the debates. In that case I think responsibility would fall to the deep state to take care of the problem. Are you a supporter of his?

I never heard of him til today.

Yeah, because the two-party system is doing* so well.*

ETA: As loony as third-party candidates are, practically all politicians are wacky nerds with deluded loony opinions, and we should own up to that.

Those who think that a third party (:smack:) might provide better politicians to choose from should perhaps listen to George Carlin’s comments.

“The one guy really sucks, and this other group is not doing great, so vote for me even though I suck worse” is not exactly a vote-winning strategy. I mean, look at the example of Gary Johnson flubbing completely softball questions like “What would you do about the major news item of the day” or “name one foreign leader you admire” - I don’t see a savior who will take us away from the tyranny of the two parties, but instead someone incompetent and filled with anger issues, who’s less competent at selling those as strong points than Trump.

septimus: As big an influence as he was on me & my generation, wow, now I’m glad George Carlin is dead. “Fuck hope!”? Stupid cynic.

Pantastic: I think the Libertarian Party is a stupid party with stupid ideas that attracts stupid persons. Jill Stein had one speech she gave repeatedly & was still the best the Greens had that year. But let’s be clear. They weren’t excluded because they were stupid. They were excluded because we have a system designed to be managed by insiders and closed to outsiders. Bernie tried to run as a Democrat & somehow got yelled at for not being partisan enough, despite doing it “the right way.”

There are several good reasons why the major third party candidates should be not only allowed, but required, to be in the debates.

  1. From the networks’ standpoint, it will increase viewership since many people would want to see it out of sheer curiosity. It’s something new and new grabs attention.

  2. If their ideas are idiotic, everyone should KNOW it, and the debates would expose their flaws. It would also be entertaining to watch them choke if they don’t have a good answer to one of the moderators’ questions.

  3. It would cause additional aggravation for Trump, which might throw him off his game a bit and hurt his chances of winning. Whatever characters wind up at the top of the third party tickets, the odds are that they’re less conventional and less restrained when it comes to political manners; they HAVE to know that their chances are very small and the debate is more about just giving them a platform; and they might use that platform to call out Trump in ways that the Democratic nominee might avoid.

I quite disagree. First of all, once you let in one of the loons, where do you draw the line? Can I show up as the candidate for the SDMB party?

Second, I don’t think at all they’d draw more attention to the debates. I don’t think debates really change most people’s minds, was anyone really on the fence between Trump or Clinton? People who vote third party are just trying to send some stupid message to the system they think is broken. They get their euphoria of feeling pure.

3rd party people with ideas that are not fringe can draw a lot of votes like Perot. He was leading the polls early in 1992 and even later ended up with 19%. And yes he was pretty nutty too.

I doubt it – if they didn’t make it during the 2016 election, which had an usually high level of dissatisfaction with the two major candidates, they aren’t going to make it at all unless and until something radically changes (on the order of one major party completely imploding and several new factions vying to take over its political niche as main opposition to the other).