Any long time The Who fans on the board?

Got pix? Movies? Memories of the band?

The director of the new Who documentary is looking for you.

Wow. It will be hard to beat The Kids Are Alright, which I think just may be the best rock movie ever made. (Not counting Spinal Tap.)

Saw them live at Angel Stadium in 1976. A frat brother and I were spending spring break with a friend in Newport Beach, CA, and he had a buddy who ran a small bakery in town. We had an ounce of pot we were going to make brownies with for the concert, but Bo convinced us to let the baker make them. When we stopped in to pick them up, we discovered he had made apple-bran muffins instead; they were sitting on the counter in a white paper bag like Aunt Phoebe’s crullers. We each ate two, and spent the rest of the day laughing like hyenas.

The Who was great too.

Who huddle!

I certainly don’t have anything worth putting in a movie, but I do have a fairly long history with The Who (for a 35 year-old anyway).

From last year’s “What Would be Your Theme Song?”