Any love for Robert Palmer?

Or as I’ve called him, “The suavest man in rock.”


I loved Sneaking Sally Through The Alley … alas I lost the disc in the Great Cross-Country Dragging Ass Back To Maine debacle of Aught-Two.

Never really cared for the “Addicted to Love” phase. Decent tunes. Prime teenage masturbatory material with the chicks in black, but I liked him better bluesier.

I saw him in Cleveland, once . . . my friend really wanted to go and had nobody to go with, so I said sure. I don’t remember where, maybe Playhouse Square. We had pretty bad seats, but he put on a great show. Smooooth.

Awesome album! I agree…his later stuff doesn’t hold a candle. His death was quite shocking, but man…that guy was the shit. I loved his version of *Not a Second Time. *

FWIW I happened to end up at a table next to the one at which he and his party was dining at the Hard Rock Cafe in Boston, about 20 years ago. This was probably more or less when he was at the height of his MTV-driven fame.

After he finished eating he allowed the Cafe staff to let the many fans who wanted to meet him over to his table a few at a time. He seemed to be very gracious with them, chatting and signing things. Just seemed like a nice guy. I was very sorry to hear he died so young.

Brilliant vocalist, a bit wasted on some of his material, but not like Rod Stewart wasted his talent…

I can certainly appreciate this, but as someone who knows Palmer only in his Addicted to Love phase, I can say he rocks the cheesy stuff just fine. (“Flesh Wound” is my favorite on that album…haven’t heard it in years)

Addicted To Love always reminds me of my mid-life crisis affair with a woman 16 years my junior (I was 40). She was smokin’ hot and sex was her first priority. The song had just come out, and I related to it. Yowza!

He’s simply irresistable! :wink:

I’m not familiar with his earlier work, but I his song “Bad Case of Loving You” is a classic, IMO. And I liked what he did with the Duran guys when they spun off into Power Station…the remakes of the T Rex songs, & such.

“Love” is probably a little strong, but I have to say he’s one of the few singers I liked in all his various phases.

One bad thing, I refuse to listen to “Doctor Doctor” in the car. Both times in my life when I was in an accident (in both cases the other car hit mine) that song was on the radio. I’m not superstitious, but the association is just too strong for me to enjoy the song when I’m in a car.

I made my husband put “Simply Irresistible” on his MP3 player one time because I couldn’t stop singing it. I used to get a kick of it when it would come on, but he must have removed it. :frowning:

Many a Tawny Kitane moment to that song.

Robert Palmer is DEAD? Good grief, I am really behind the times. :eek:

I clicked in because I misread the thread title as “Any love for Rosey Palmer?” This is not what I had expected. :frowning:

You and me both! I’m pretty sure I must have read somewhere that he died. But could I remember it right now? No, not really.

I guess now it’s set in my memory.:frowning:

FWIW, I liked his “Addicted to Love” phase.

Robert Palmer fans, tell me about Vinegar Joe. I seem to have downloaded a couple of their albums in fit of 70s nostalgic delirium.

As for Mr. Palmer, oh, yes. It was a sad day when he died. He was one fine, fine looking man, and what a snappy dresser, and oh, yeah, he sang.

Yeah, folks, I think it was a heart attack in 2003. Sad and way too early.

I do like a lot of his early stuff, but Riptide was a great album. His choice of musicians was top notch - the guy worked with James Jamerson, Tony Thompson, Bernie Edwards, John and Andy Taylor… he always sounded good.

I also love the Power Station stuff. I actually have both of the albums! (Snakebitten band; Thompson, Edwards, and Palmer all died very early. Only the Taylors are still alive.)

Addicted To Love is likely one of the best Music videos ever.

I agree - I love the fact that it shoves it’s artificiality right in your face - yeah, he’s not trying to hide that he’s not singing; yeah, the girls look like morons not-playing their instruments - and you can’t not watch it!!!

And Simply Irresistible has one of the greatest lines ever - I just cited it in the thread about fun ways to describe that someone is attractive:

I discovered him during the Power Station’s run [yes, old school Duranie here] and started seeing what else he’d done. Was VERY impressed and went from there.

Snappy dresser, wonderful voice, nice guy. Who could ask for more? :stuck_out_tongue:

I like his videos, but suspect he had little to do with creating them.