Any meat masters in the house? Need schooling on curing meat.

Buying prepackaged British/Irish style back bacon is expensive, and I’ve got an expat here who has a hankerin’ for some. Solution? Make our own! A whole pork loin is relatively inexpensive at Costco/Sam’s, but my question is, “What the heck do I do with it?”

For the uninitiated, the end product I want is essentially salt cured, but not terribly salty (Danish back bacon is too salty), but it is not smoked. I’ve searched for recipes for curing a whole pork loin for back bacon, and they all require smoking. I’m looking for some guidance from someone in the know so I don’t waste a huge cut of meat. Alternatively, a book with how-to’s would be good as well.

Many thanks!

The book you want is Charcuterie. I have it, it’s amazing.

It has a recipe for salt-cured bacon. I’m not going to type the whole thing, both because I’m lazy and because there’s a lot of food safety and background info you probably want to read. But basically you make a dry cure with kosher salt, sugar, and pink salt (curing salt with nitrite and nitrate in it). You pack a slab of pork belly in a ziplock with the aforementioned dry cure and stick it in the fridge for a week. Eventually you roast it on low heat for a while. Overall, doesn’t look too hard to make.

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