Any Mechanics or Shade Tree Mechanics In The House?

My car broke down last week and I just got the estimate back from my mechanic. Seems like the car overheated and blew the head gasket along with the radiator. The water pump was leaking, which I knew but had no money to replace it, and me adding coolant every few days just wasn’t cutting it any more. I know a bit about a bit on the subject of car mechanics so I was wondering if the estimate he gave me was on the up and up. I know he needs to replace the head, the radiator and water pump. I told him while he was doing the water pump to go ahead and do all the belts and timing belt too as that needed to be done. Now, I trust the guy but I thought it was going to run around $1,000. The estimate is for $1,600. Here’s the invoice. I was wondering if any of you mechanics could look at it and see if maybe taking it to a dealership or another mechanic would be worth my time.

As always, I know you are not my mechanic and I will not hold you responsible for any damages and so worth incurred from taking or not taking your advice, etc, etc. Thanks in advance.

Rick and Gary T are our resident mechanics.

I looked at the invoice. I’m certainly not up on current prices but nothing looks outrageous.