Any Michael Connelly fans?

I never watched Level9 or whatever that thing was they tried out last season, but I’ve read every one of his books and am anxiously awaiting City of Bones.

Harry Bosch seems to be running his course. If Connelly doesn’t take a new angle on him soon, he runs the risk of creating another Spenser … all characterization, no character. That said, I still like Bosch better than Terry McCaleb though I have to admit that Blood Work was my favorite novel with Void Moon right behind it.

Anybody else want to step up to the mic and proclaim their favorites?

The Poet, a non-Bosch book, but a good-un.

For Bosch, I enjoyed most of them, especially Concrete Blonde.

I wouldn’t necessarily classify myself as a Connelly fan, but I will pick up his books at the library if I find one I haven’t read.

I like some more than others. Really enjoyed Angel Flight (not sure if the title is exactly right), but the most recent one (again, bad with titles) left me cold. Harry Bosch just seems so depressed all the time.

I do like police-type/mystery/crime novels and much prefer Dan Mahoney to Connelly. Ever read any of the Jack Reacher novels by Lee Child? Reacher is a bit of a Superman (like Spenser), but I have enjoyed his exploits.

I thoroughly enjoyed The Poet. In fact, I loved it!

Then I read Void Moon. Hated it! That one was almost like a paraody of film (or book, I guess) noir. Didn’t quite pull it off though.