Any MythTV/Mythbuntu Users

I decided to get rid of as many monthly bills as I could and got rid of my DVR/cable box and replaced it with a simpler one, and reduced my cable package to the minimum. I have a Linux box that I installed Mythbuntu on, but the used ATI 9600XT card I picked up for $5 doesn’t seem to be supported.

Question: what is the best inexpensive, but well supported, card I can get to allow my PC to work as a combined fronted backend. I need cable in and TV out. I just have a std def TV, but it’d probably be nice to have HD support as well.

I can only tell you that the Hauppage works perfectly well with PAL DVB-T. Obviously you’d need a DVB-C version. However, Mythbuntu for some reason didn’t recognise mine (which is a dongle, not a card), but it works fine in normal Ubuntu with MythTV installed.

The TV I’m going to use this with is analog std-def. Do I just need PAL?