Any Novelists Using 9/11 Yet?

Just wondering if any of you have read any fiction in which 9/11 is used as a point of reference.



Check the French best seller list. Not yet available in the U.S., but you can order a copy here.

Generally, though, not enough time has passed. It takes time to write a novel, and 6-9 months to get it into production.

Surprisingly, the first fictional reference I saw was in, of all places, an online pornograhic story written only a few weeks after the attack. The author was writing a story about a time travel crossover between the heroines of Alias and Dark Angel.

Brian A. Hopkins wrote a story called Eleven Minutes in September" for the Brainbox II anthology.

He also wrote an essay to go with it. If you click on Bibliography and scroll down, there will be a link to order Brainbox II. It’s a pretty good anthology.

His short story Five Days in April was written after the OKC bombing. If you can find a copy of it, I highly recommend it. It’s a powerful story by an excellent writer.


Kay Kenyon’s Maximum Ice has a one line reference to it. I believe the book was published in January of this year. I’d guess that the book was completely or almost completely written when the event occured, and Kenyon inserted that one line shortly after.