Any of y'all do weird crap with your bff?

My friend and I are kinda weird. I’m nineteen, she’s sixteen. When we sleep we “reverse spoon.” I crap with the bathroom door cracked open (right next to her room btw) and we discuss my constipation nonchalantly. We talk about porn and how gay porn is strangely kinda hot (especially Chris Meloni in Oz for me but that’s not porn). I q-tip her ears for her because I have the magic touch and we q-tip together. You know what they say! Fends who eargasm together stay together. I finally got her to hold my hand as I pooped lol and she peed with me in the bathroom. I brushed her teeth and oh yeah I also q-tipped her brother’s ear. I can’t think of anything else right now. Your go.

Upping the ante, eh?

Nobody can beat this :stuck_out_tongue:

Why are you posting this? What do you hope to accomplish? This board is full of middle aged women, like myself, and we have not much to gain by indulging a teenagers need for attention.

Is the op perhaps a banded poster attempting to yank our collective chains? All threads by this person are pinging my fake-o-meter :smiley:

I don’t know about a banded poster but perhaps, just perhaps, a banned poster.

*Though I’m sure that posters can be banded together in the back of a music store or something like that.

Oops, too much Egg Nog.

However a Banded Poster is a little known rare bird named due to it’s propensity for sitting on posts. :smiley:

*or banded and released back into nature.:smiley:

Go away.

Tell us more about your pajamas.

“Mundane Pointless Stuff I Must Share”

That’s where this is posted. What’s the problem again?

I’m closing this because it appears to be trolling, which is against the rules here. Don’t make another topic like it or you may be banned as a troll. If you have a problem with this post, make a topic in About This Message Board.