Any opinions on for music downloads?

I’m trying to figure out which site I want to use to download, and this site looks like a great deal. The low prices scare me for some reason, so I want to know if any of you have experience using this site, and what your opinions are of the site.

Any help is appreciated.

As I understand it, the site is based in Russia, and what it does is legal within Russia. But that doesn’t make it legal within other countries.

The songs are all in Russian too.

Untrue. Maybe you’re joking; I can’t tell.

That’s funny :slight_smile:

This discussion has been done on this board before, like most discussions. AFAIK this site is legal in Canada, but our laws specifically allow the downloading of music. That is because we pay a tax on items like blank cds, tapes and dvds because it is assumed that music will be copied. Some of this tax goes directly to the music industry. Nice work if you can get it. This can be debated, but I have read lawyers who have published this opinion.

The US doesn’t like it, for sure.

You have to register to view this site. Why don’t they like it? The music companies granted Russia its license in the first place.


Does Russia get a licensce. I ask because one of our clients back in the 80s produced radio spots and the Soviet Union did NOT respect our copyrights so they could use the Russian artists songs without paying.

I am assuming this must’ve changed when the Soviet Union broke up.

This is still done in China which does not respect all our copyrights. OR some other countries which respected our copyrights but refused to to respect the copyrights when the US extended the length of copyrights on movies and such.

It’s not a license issue; to the best of my understanding the laws in Russia don’t respect copyright like in most other (Western, at least) countries.

I’m of two minds about this thread. Though it’s focused on legality, it is based on a site that would be illegal in the U.S.

I think I’ll close it.

If someone wants to open a thread in GQ or GD about the variance in copyright laws/enforcement in different countries, I suspect that would fly.