Any Opposite Gender Juniors

Do you know anyone who has a name that can be used for both genders (ie Casey) and thus used that name on their children of the opposite gender? (No Paulines named after Paul or so on).

Kahn Souphanousinphone and Kahn “Connie” Souphanousinphone Jr. from “King of the Hill.”

I don’t know of any actual cases, but I have known some like KotH where the father wanted a son to pass on the family name, but they ended up having to feminize it when they had a daughter.

Well, I do know a girl named Kevin after her uncle.

Not exactly but…

I had a friend in high school named Melody John after her dad. The thing I thought was weirdest about it was that she had two older brothers not named John. I also have a friend Brittany Rae after dad Ray.

Lizzie Borden was Elizabeth Andrew after her father.

I can’t think of any first names though.

Shannon, Pat, Terry, Kerry, Lynn, Leslie, Marion, Kim, Laurie/Lorry, Kip

A lot of women’s names in Western culture were originally men’s names. Or the female version is a variation on the man’s name. There’s a large number of female Shawn/Sean’s which is really Gaelic for “John”. I also know a female Cyril. I know several people of both genders with the names I listed above.

An online aquaintance of mine named her daughter “Maia Paul”, with the Paul after the late Senator Paul Wellstone.

Read the OP again: he’s asking whether your friend Cyril named her son Cyril, for instance. It’s kind of an interesting question.

The name Joseph is in every generation of my mom’s family. Josef married Josephina, named at least one kid a variation of the name. I am the youngest of my generation and got stuck with ‘Jo’ as part of my first name.

I know a woman with the middle name Leslye who named her son Leslie. Closest I can come up with.

My mother’s middle name is Leslie, which was also her father’s middle name. (We’re of the Leslie clan.)

ray-lynn. named after her dad ray, and her mom, lynn.

Does that qualify?

My friend, Dana Lynn (a man) whose only child, a daughter is Dana Lynn, Jr. When his parents were expecting him, they already had two sons and two daughters. They decided that boy or girl, the baby would be Dana Lynn.

A guy that I used to date was Leslie Marion. He told me once that if he ever had a daughter, that would also be her name. A son, never (he got picked on as a kid for his name).

Barack Obama’s mother was named Stanley after her father (though she went by her middle name, Ann).

Edit: Actually, Wikipedia tells me she was known as Stanley through high school.

My mother and brother both have the middle name “Howard,” recognizing my ancesters, the same Howards that gave us William Howard Taft (my fourth cousin) and all his descendants.

Certainly. my friend Lynn was named after her grandfather Lynn. I also know a Johnny named for her father (Jonathan) who died before she was born. Lots of kids also bear their mother’s surname as given names. Nelson, Matlock, Murphy, Smith, Duffy, Madison are all being used as given names nowadays.

I was named after my great-grandfather, depending on who you ask, if that counts. My grandmother thought I was named after her father, whose middle name was Tracy (and I believe went by that name), but my mom says she just liked the name.

I knew a girl whose father, Robert, wanted a son and named her Robert (not Roberta). She grew up to be a very sassy Texas broad. She wore a necklace that spelled out “BITCH,” and the dot over the “i” was a diamond.

I have a friend whose given name is Charles. He and his wife only wanted two kids, so when they found out they were expecting another daughter, they named her Charlotte.

A friend of mine was named Toni after her father’s joke nickname - he’s Italian and his surname sounds something like Baloney so he was always called Tony “Baloney.” He liked it so much he persuaded his wife to name their third daughter Toni.

I knew an older gentleman about 20 years ago whose name was Beverly. He named one of his daughters Beverly, and they were in law practice together!

My husband went to school with a family of Shirleys. A man and woman, both named Shirley, married. They had a son and a daughter, and named each of them Shirley. I would never have believed this, but my mother-in-law backs him up. I think they must have been insane. My husband says they were dorky in the extreme.