Any other Canadian Dopers getting spam texts about carbon tax?

Just had some pop up from the 204 area code in Manitoba:

“Hey, it’s Sue. Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax starts on Monday! Sign the petition to oppose it!” And then a link.

I just deleted them both right away.

It was mentioned on the six o’clock news that the Conservative Party was going to be sending text concerning the carbon tax.

Maybe that is what you got.

What a way to gain supporters, annoy them with texts messages.

Especially with enclosed links! That just reeks of “crooked spammer-hacker wants to phish you!”

I’ve had radio spots but no calls or texts yet. I did however get a $300 check from the federal government as my carbon tax rebate so…I am deeply upset.

Now, had the Ontario government not scrapped the existing cap and trade I wouldn’t have received anything but they did, so I do. So yeah me…I guess.

No I haven’t, but I would never be on any Conservative mailing list.

The Alberta conservative party UCP bought election advertising with embedded links on Calgary Transit’s mobile app that gives bus arrival times and schedules, etc. While being technically legal according to Calgary Transit and Elections Alberta it is annoying folks who just want to know when their bus is going to arrive. Not to mention that a group of people least likely to be served by the UCP are probably the majority of public transit users.

Nope, and I’d be angry if I did. I am a huge not-fan of Scheer/Conservative party.

There was nothing to sY it was any political party. Just texts, supposedly from two different women, inviting me to click on a link to sign a petition.

Yes, I just got a text claiming to be from Andrew Scheer saying “Fill your tank, gas prices go up on Tuesday”. Fake News!!!

Yes, Mrs Piper got one of those as well, clearly from Andrew Scheer.

The two I got were probably phishing. I just deleted them right away and didn’t click the link.

It’s the Conservative Party and it’s only in those few provinces where you don’t have a provincial carbon tax.

Yeah, a few days ago.

I found this CBC article on the texts pretty informative.

I guess Andrew doesn’t care about me. I didn’t get a text. :frowning:

No rhyme or reason to the people who are getting the Conservative texts as far as I can tell, talking around. Not tied to political affiliation.

I tend to get spam emails about legal weed. I don’t think they say they’re from any particular party.

All I got were texts from Alberta political parties, NDP and UCP specifically. About ten of them, pretty evenly split. Not surprising, given that we have a provincial election upcoming. But I don’t like it.

It sounds like random numbers being texted for a few reasons. The first to see if anyone’s there and then to track where they go.
It feels, and I know this is hyperbole, but it feels like organizations (not just parties) are moving away from plain influence and into domestically targeted information warfare.