Any other Skin Horse fans here? (open spoilers probably)

I’ve been reading SH every day for at least two or three years. It’s funny, it’s got great characters, and it updates every day. And it just dumped a HUGE reveal. One that had the most insanely subtle foreshadowing ever.

I don’t actually know anyone else IRL who reads Skin Horse who I can discuss it with. So if there’s anyone here who does: whadaya think?

I used to read it religiously, then I faded when they had a guest author for a while a year or so ago - maybe the author was pregnant? I can’t recall. Now I don’t know where to start again. Did it perk back up?

The guest author was only for one story arc- a short one, if I recall, maybe a week or two. Everything since then has been the regular writers.

There were a bunch of guest artists in 2014, when Garrity was on maternity leave. All good, but some of the styles were so different as to be disconcerting.

Skin Horse is very good; it’s just hard to follow because it’s a daily strip that does long story arcs. I like to read it once a month or so, so I get a decent chunk of plot at a time.

So if I jumped back in in 2015, would that be reasonable?

Oh, that’s right, Grillo Parlante! I’d forgotten about that one. I was thinking about Ghosts I Have Been, which was a Kickstarter guest storyline, and really was only two weeks.

I think the Grillo Parlante arc can be summed up as “Jonah and Nera investigate weird stuff, call for Skin Horse to be brought back; Mr. Green reads their blog and decides it would be a good idea to bring Skin Horse back for his own purposes.” Now you can skip to Mixed-Up Files.

Ok. I will do this thing and report back in a year or so.