Any PA Unemploymant compensation experts out there?

Trying to help my nephew, here’s the story (for those that know me, my family is getting into all types of shit):

He worked as a salesman for a company. In November, his boss listed some concerns that he had, and that his sales were not up to par, and asked him to sign the paper. He did.

His sales actually went up slightly, but were still slow.

In Feb he was fired because he did not meet company sales goals.

That day, he called the HR dept, and asked if he was “laid off” or “fired”, so he coud complete his UE app. The HR person told him neither, but that being let go for not making sales goals was no reason for him to be denied UE benefits.

He collects his bennies, 2 MONTHS LATER- he gets a notice that says his UE benifits MAY be taken away because he was let go because of “work performance”. He has to fill out a questionairre which asks him questions like, were you warned about your work perfomance?

Dopers, I dont think my nephew should lose his benefits just because he was a shitty salesman, he showed up for work everyday, and did the best he could. Any unemploymant experts out there?

IANAE, but in NC, you can collect unemployment if you’ve been fired for poor work performance. The questionaire is probably to help them determine if it really was “work performance”, or some bad behavior at work that would disqualify him. My guess would be, he has nothing to worry about. But then again, IANAE.

Hmm…we terminate folks here in PA and they do not get unemployment as far as I know. Perfomance terminations are common place, but they don’t collect because we indicate that they were terminated for performance reasons and the state automatically declines the payout. Then, the terminated associated challenges it, but stand firm and we leave no gray area with the challenge: the associate essentially terminated themselves through either performance, attendance or behavior…and the compensation is declined.

On the way out the door, ONE of the 100 or so terminations I’ve seen, HR said to them, “we will not fight against unemployment compensation if you apply”…and that was because or internal justification (even though it was a performance issue) was that we were scaling back our staff size. This let us fire the person quickly, instead of dreadful documentation of the questionable performance.

Hey, it costs us money when an ex collect unemplyment. We pay into the fund.

Vinny, has he found out anything yet?