Any Perkins Restaurant near you flying its flag at half mast?

The Perkins near me has a HUGE flag and I saw it flying at half mast today. So I called them and asked who died.

The woman who answered said, “No one. President Obama declared today National Peace Day, and we’re observing the day this way.”

Except, AFAIK, Obama DIDN’T declare today National Peace Day, not did anyone else. Googling for the term brings up a few stories about movements to declare a national peace day, and various national observances calendars don’t have any such thing.

So is this a local imagining, or is the whole chain suffering this delusion?

Apparently National Peace Officer’s Memorial Day?

Ooh, seems a good bet. I saw that the state DOT building and the local post office’s flags are flying normally, so I couldn’t figure it out. But I would guess that as a 24-hour restaurant, Perkins has lots of cop customers.

But they didn’t do much of a job explaining it to their staff.

What does a lowered flag have to do with peace (or with anything, these days. I see lowered flags so often I don’t even notice them anymore)?

It’s a memorial day for police officers killed on duty.

The flag in front of the City-County Building in Indianapolis is at half-mast.

It’s suitable for mourning slain police officers, but would be a lousy choice for observing “peace day”.

Doesn’t the flag code have pretty specific rules for flying the flag at half staff…I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t fly the flag at half mast for “National Peace Day” if such a thing existed.

The slain police officers memorial sounds more like something you’d do that for, but I also vaguely remember something about this in years past and the thing to do was to drive with your headlights on during that day.

I’m raising polecats for peace!

It’s not “Peace day”, it’s “Peace Officers Memorial day”.

Peace officers are, apparently, federal, state and local law enforcement and honors those officesr who were killed or disabled while on duty.

Traditionally, Armed Forces Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of May. Your local restaurant may have jumped the gun a little bit by lowering the flag yesterday?

From wikipedia. Bottom Line: The woman at Perkins is an idiot.

Thank you. I got that early on.

Aiyiyi… I read the title as ‘Anthony Perkins Restaurant’. Considering the Norman Bates character was loosely based (or inspired by) on Ed Gein, I wondered [del]who[/del] what was on the menu!

Huh. Curiously enough, I noticed on Friday that a local gas station had it’s flag at half-mast, but that the Perkins down the street did not. Thanks for solving that mystery.