Any pictures of the fully covered female sprinter from Afghanistan competing?

Just curious. I looked around but couldn’t find any

Islamic women making history in Athens.

I saw a quick shot of her on NBC, but I haven’t seen any online.

Yeah I just saw the same shot a few seconds ago. It looks like she’s ready to clean her apartment, or get ready for bed in that T shirt and sweat pants outfit.

Here’s a picture. Its not like she is in a burka, she’s just wearing sweat pants.

I would not mind if other women runners put more clothes on ,some of them look so muscular/mannly,that watching games with girlfriend in you arms and hoping for a nice romantic evening is not a good idea.

I’m pretty sure they’re proud of those muscles. I don’t think the women runners look manly at all.

Surely an internet first - someone asking for pictures of a fully-clothed woman!

Isn’t there a woman from Iran competing in sharp-shooting, because that is the only sport where she could where a full burka?

El Mundo has a photo here, from the waist up, so you don see her track pants or shoes.

And apparently, this was far too skimpy an outfit for some Iraqi men to tolerate. On NBC, they quoted one Iraqi man as saying “If my sister went outside looking like that, I’d kill her.”

That’s Nassim Hassanpour. She’s acutally a trained gymnast but took up shooting because she couldn’t ever compete in gymnatics. She’s the only female athlete at the Olympics from Iran.

Sorry, was the OP asking for just the Afghan athlete or some of the other Muslim athlete’s as well? (Hence my link to Bahrain’s runner, Rakia Al Gassra.) Gassra’s outfit looks a bit bit streamlined and aerodynamic despite the headscarf.

Jeez, she must have had a fun time with security. :frowning:

BTW, how did she place?

Hm… not sure. She was competing in the 10m air pistol, and she’s not in the top 8. I’m not having much luck finding detailed results.

I would not surprise me if she did not live long once she returns to her country.

A sickening thought, but based on recent history in Iran, not a wild statement either. :frowning:


Cite again

Cite the third


The Iranian female shooter placed 28th

Loach, your picture appears to be from the World Championships.

I saw the 100m heat at the Olympics where the Afghani woman competed. She appeared to be wearing bike shorts and a medium-fitting t-shirt. Certainly more than most of the women, but hardly enough to slow her down much.

Since we gravitated to topic of stoning to death in Iran ,I have to let you know that worst offender of womens rights BY FAR in m.east is our friendly nation of Saudi Arabia.
Somehow recently mass media starts vilifiyng and demonizing Iran, and sheeple as usually follows.
Simillar thing happened before Iraqi war ,remember.

Muqim Yaar Robina ran a 14.14 in the 100 meters setting an Afghani national record in the event. She finished seventh in her heat ahead of a runner from Somalia.