Any police officers around here?

I was going through some stuff of my Dad’s last night that his wife gave me a while ago. I was extremely surprised to find his Captain’s shield and ID card; I thought those had to be returned when leaving the force.

Since he hasn’t walked the earth for about 4 years now, I’d like to keep his ID for sentimental reasons, but I don’t necessarily want to run afoul of any laws, either. Any officers out there who can fill me in?

Oh, and his jurisdiction was in Indiana, if that helps.

Where Cub Hubby works, you keep your badge and get a new ID card (showing your new status) when you retire. Most of the time, you are also given the opportunity to purchase your duty weapon. If you leave under different circumstances, you would be asked to return the badge. In this department, badges are not reused as each as a unique identifying number. This is not true of all departments, however.

I have seen widows return whole sets of uniforms, gunbelts, badges, etc. when it has been 15 years since their husband worked in Law Enforcement.

As long as you don’t flash the badge for any nefarious purposes (free meals*)
you should be ok. A shadow box for display sounds really nice.

*just kidding

Unsaid, but doing something like that would be WAAAAY stupid, considering his PD is in Indiana, and I live in SE Virginia.

We have a shadow box, but the ID wallet (what’s the real term for the pocket ID?) is much too big. I’ll think of something, though.