Any Pro Wrestling Fans in the Audience? (Multiple promotions) (Part 2)

Woohoo! John Hennigan has a job again! Then he jobbed!

Nevertheless, I marked out. I thought he got a RAW deal in WWE, and was glad to see him emerge as Johnny Elite in AEW. He actually did more mat wrestling against Samoa Joe than aerial assaults. I don’t know if this is a one-off thing. I thought he went back to AAA, but he’s not on their roster page. I doubt he’ll be anything more than main event enhancement talent, but it’s still good to see him back.

I love how his ring name outside WWE is always “Johnny + nickname of promotion/nickname associated with it”. He’s been Johnny Elite, Johnny Impact, Johnny Caballero, Johnny Mundo, Johnny Defiant, and probably a few things besides that, and that’s not even mentioning his early run as Johnny Nitro.

As an amusing side note, whoever runs AEW’s Twitter account got their signals crossed and announced that the wrong Johnny had debuted. :smiley:

From the way they buried Sasha and Naomi on Smackdown tonight you’d think it was 1996 and Hulk Hogan had just joined the nWo all over again. They had Maggle going on about how they “let millions of people down” and stripped them of the titles and announced they were “suspended indefinitely”, and now they’ve pulled all their merch from the online shop. Reportedly they were in the middle of contract renegotiations, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see one or both of them in AEW by the end of the year.

They also announced that there’s going to be a tournament to crown the new women’s tag team champions, which seems pretty laughable, since a tournament usually implies at least eight entrants and they’ve got at most two or three women’s tag teams on the roster at this point.

Meanwhile, LA Knight is now named “Max Dupri” and is the head of a male modeling agency, because Vince has apparently reverted to the early '90s “caricature of a guy who has a real job and wrestles in his work attire” style of character gimmicks that gave us Irwin R. Shyster, Repo Man, and the Mountie.

The OMG Historical Unification of the tag belts match was kind of a nothingburger too. Usually, this type of match would have a slew of false finishes and miraculous kickouts to devastating double team attacks, but it boiled down to “Oh dear, Roman Reigns held Riddle’s legs when he said he wasn’t going to be at ringside, tsk tsk tsk” leading to a midcard-level victory.

They also completely stripped away everything that made Shotzi Blackheart interesting and made her a generic heel. Can’t have our stars looking like they came from the Indies and have their own personalities. Oh, no.

I’m a little surprised they didn’t make things more cinematic by having Reigns show up to meddle and — wind up face-to-face with Drew McIntyre, such that there’s suddenly a completely separate brawl going on outside the ring while the championship match keeps going on inside the ring? Or he shows up to meddle, and winds up costing the Usos a win — such that, the next time we tune in, (a) they’re talking back to him, or (b) they’re not yet talking back to him while he’s talking down to them as usual, but the potential is clearly there because they’re clearly not buying what he’s selling? Or he shows up to — actively meddle? Presumably; but we’ll never know, because he got preemptively attacked while just loomin’ and smirkin’: letting someone on RK-Bro deliver one more impressive showstopper, which lets the Usos get a slightly more impressive win against a guy who turned his back on a dangerous opponent instead of a guy who got blindsided by someone else, which lets Reigns be the man who can turn the tide of title-unifying events with just his presence. (Which is to say: because people acknowledge him.)

All kinds of options, other than — this.

Another big Fuck You from Vince to the fans. And what’s going on with Naomi? Sasha was on her way out, she used up her 15 minutes of prima donna-hood, Naomi had some chance of a decent push ahead before reverting to jobber for life status. Unless it’s all a work the Vince will never forgive her.

Oh hey! Big news, Stephanie is out! I can sense the WWE getting better already! Oh wait, HHH is back, it just got a lot more boring.

On the AEW front, do you think the rumors of MJF being unhappy with his contract are true? He has made no secret of the fact, on-camera, that he wants to jump to WWE. But you can never tell with him. He’s always in kayfabe.

I thought Cody going to WWE was a work, but it turned out to be true. I’d hate to see MJF leave, but he’s practically Vince’s wet dream. It wouldn’t surprise me to see him jump after the Wardlow angle wraps up.

The whole thing seems so 90s wrestling it almost feels unrealistic in 2022, makes me wonder if it’s some elaborate work.

From what I’ve read, MJF’s contract still has 2 years on it. As for being Vince’s wet dream, he’s small and he’s not home-grown. Those are 2 big minuses for Vince, which means MJF needs to be much, much better than bigger or home-grown talent in order to get the recognition his talent deserves.

Wel, I figured with all the recent releases, Vince has more money to throw at MJF, but then again I thought Vinc e would pick up Dalton Castle too.

Hunter would love MJF.

Vince would repackage him as an ambiguously gay hairdresser named “Leslie Shears” and immediately job him to Baron Corbin.

Or worse, job him to Ricochet

Another reason why William Regal kicks ass: he told Renee he doesn’t feel like WWE screwed him over. He enjoyed his time there, and agreed with them that they needed to go in a few direction with NXT, because they had done everything possible. He said he’s worked under much worse conditions. When he worked in South Africa, he saw somebody being chased by the promoter with a machete.

AEW Dark Taz/Excalibur moment of the day

A few hors d’oeuvres:

  • Taz takes exception to Brittany Jade’s REDRUM belly tattoo, calling it gimmick infringement.
  • Taz won a match in Worcestershire, Massachusetts, after getting KO’ed.
  • Paul Turner no longer speaks to Taz after he called him “Paul Shaffer.”
  • Excalibur doesn’t understand that breaking the rules is a good thing.
  • Taz doesn’t like it “when other people shout over you.”
  • Taz is confused about St. Louis, Missouri.
  • Taz lets the saxophonist for The Wingmen’s entrance music use his coffeemaker.

Robyn Renegade vs. Vicky Dreamboat

Taz: I don’t wanna have any outbrusts this match, but I think I’m gonna.
Dasha Fuentes introduces Renegade as “originally born in Dayton Ohio, now fighting out of Atlanta Georgia.”
Taz: That’s a lot of detail by Dasha. “Originally born”? I never heard that!
Ex: Yeah Dasha, why don’t you give out Dasha’s social security number while you’re at it, c’mon!
Taz: (laughs) Yeah, what middle school did she go to? What was the address of the high school? I mean, c’mon!

Dasha introduces Vicky Dreamboat.
Ex: You know, one thing we talked about when we last saw Vicky Dreamboat compete here on AEW Dark, was that… her father was a backup quarterback for the McDaniel College Green Terrors.
Taz: I don’t recall this conversation. I don’t remember it. This was with me? I was here?
Ex: (chuckles) Yes you were, Taz.

Robyn yells “My sister’s not here” at a ringside fan.
Taz: Someone said I wish your sister was wrestling instead of you.
Taz kayfaybed the fans seeing Robyn’s twin sister hiding under the mat, waiting to switch places.

Looks like Randy Orton is out of action, maybe permanently. He’s had recurring back problems for years, it’s surprising to me he kept going this long still taking and delivering big bumps in the ring. Riddle began to show the his eventual heel character Monday day night, vengeance for Randy is a good way to turn him. RKBro was a great gimmick, big loss for WWE and the fans.

Why would Riddle getting vengeance against Roman Reigns for Randy Orton turn Riddle heel? Riddle and Orton are faces.

He was displaying sincere anger. That’s out of ‘character’ for him. The storyline isn’t meant to turn him heel, I just think they’re dying to make him an anti-hero type like Randy or Stone Cold and he can’t do that with a shit eating smile on his face all the time.

Is Orton really hurt, or is this just because Orton, like Reigns, has limited dates on his contract? Supposedly, Orton was to be Reigns SummerSlam challenger, and McIntyre the challenger at Clash at the Castle.

Uh-oh. MJF no-showed an autograph signing at AEW’s fan fest, and there’s talk he may no-show Double or Nothing over a contract dispute. MJF’s current contract was signed long before he became one of AEW’s top heels, and he’s drastically underpaid compared to their more recent signings.