Any Pro Wrestling Fans in the Audience? (Multiple promotions) (Part 2)

Adam Pearce announced on WWE’s Facebook channel that Punk and McIntyre have both been fined and that Drew has been suspended indefinitely for attacking officials.

Which, I’m sure, means we’ll see him on Monday.

Ethan Page, who made his WWE debut about six weeks ago, is your new NXT champion, thereby bringing the number of NXT champions whose autographs I have hanging on my wall to three.

John Cena said at the MITB post-show press conference that while WrestleMania 41 will be his last, he plans to work about 30-40 dates in 2025 from January to December.

Ethan Page may not have any notable move sets, but he’s smarmy on the mic, and he has brilliant facial expressions. It’s like WWE delights in pointing out how successful the AEW expats are under their wing.

Wait, don’t tell me, let me guess: the next Rumble ends in a tie, HHH decides that the winner of Elimination Chamber gets the title shot, which, of course, is Cena, who wins the title in his final match and retires with one more world title than Flair, possibly with Charlotte shenanigans involved, but to paraphrase Bobby Heenan when Hogan turned heel, “But whose side is she on?”

he looks like his dad too he needs longer hair and the head gear and the Michigan jacket and yes I cheered when he pulled that frankenstiener perfectly …

there’s about 8 people I’ve heard of that could do greater in WWE that’s being wasted by aew…

ok, I liked the women’s mitb match and the main event … but I must be getting old because I’m somewhat tired of the "superhero wrestling " you know where one guy does 3 finishers on someone and they’re up in 45 seconds? I mean I’m not 12 and believes a DDT can only be done by Jake and absolutely kills someone but Cody did 3 finishing moves and then one or two more and still lost? I mean come on it’s not Smackdown vs Raw 07 on the ps2 or 3 …

A bracelet with CM Punk’s wife’s and dog’s name on it? WTF did that mean? Yes, his wife is AJ, but what about the rest of it.

A couple weeks ago when McIntyre beat the hell out of Punk, he stole the bracelet off his wrist and has been wearing it. He cut a promo about it the following week.

On RAW just now, Seth Rollins had a talk with Damien Priest in which he gave Priest his prop and vowed to keep his promise not to come after the title while he’s champion.

But Priest said they can throw that gentleman’s agreement out the window - when he’s done with Gunther, if Rollins wants another shot, he can have it.

Retiring with a title doesn’t sound like Cena’s style, but he said yesterday that he expects to work 30-40 shows next year, so Wrestlemania might not necessarily be his last match.

That being said, it’s way too early to predict Wrestlemania, but if Rock vs. Roman is going to main event Night 2, then Cody/Cena would make a good Night 1 main.

Actually, I’m hoping for Cena vs Rock. You Can’t See Me vs It Doesn’t Matter What You Think! The promo wars would worth it by themselves.

Once in a lifetime, best two out of three? :slight_smile:

Roman vs. Rock is a big money match that has to happen, and their attempt to make it happen this year fell through since they underestimated how much the fans love Cody, so next year is the last best chance to do it, and since Roman’s almost certainly turning face and going to war with the Bloodline soon it’ll be the natural conclusion of that story arc.

Rhea Ripley came back after RAW’s main event, when Liv had Dominick in s compromising position.

Liv ran for the hills.

Rhea was all like What the heck? to Dirty Dom, but we didn’t get far before the show ended.

Actually, I think he’s resisted her relatively well.

Rhea looked like she was still hobbling, though.

I get the feeling one day Darby Allin is going to recreate Owen Hart’s fatal stunt.

Even 25 years later, has any promotion even tried rappelling someone from the ceiling since then?

Happened last night on AEW Dynamite at the close of the show. They lowered Allin from the top of the dome to the front of the ring, a straight drop. That’s why I posted my comment.

In other news, Hulk Hogan is still human garbage.