Any Programmers Here?

Just wondering if any computer programmers frequent these boards - if so, I’d love for you all to introduce yourselves and give us/me a rundown of your skills/knowledge. :slight_smile:

LoL… Only about a million of us, but here I am… checking in.

Languages I’ve used
Bold on a daily basis


And I’ve done some assembler code in my technical school.
Woo hoo… That was one heck of a geek check… There are probably others that I’ve toyed with that I’m forgetting.

I’m not currently a programmer (at least not officially), but here’s my list:

Visual Basic
Rube :eek:

I’m rather rusty on all of them, and some I never intend to touch again (I’ll let you guess which ones).

Hey Simetra, you in the air force or something?

'nother programmer here.

In order of comfort, my languages are:
pascal (does that still count?)
assembler (MIPS mainly)

Not strictly programming languages:

I hope to add perl soon, but can’t seem to get my lazy ass to read the book. Maybe I should try my eyes instead.

Another code jockey checking in. I use or have written in pretty much every language that is out there at one point or another. Mainly C and C++.

Why yes I am… :slight_smile: What gave it away? The fact that we’re the only ones that still have Ada systems lying around that haven’t migrated? Or that I went to a tech school?

As noted in the pit thread, I’m one.

In my current project I’m doing EJB’s and JSP. Though I prefer C++ over Java any day. I’ve also used VB and PowerBuilder. Taught myself assembly for the helluva it though I haven’t used it in an official position.

I also write shareware, of which an example is at I suck at graphics though, which is why that site has pretty much 0 graphics on it. It’s being redesigned now by a friend.

Data processing: SAS, Cobol, SQL, Infomaker, Powerbuilder, SQR. Studied C and Pascal in college, but they have been useless at work. Plan to learn Java this year.

I like SAS best.

I’m an ole x2 myself… The list sounded suspiciously familiar :smiley:

Hmmm, I guess we don’t have too many web programmers here. :slight_smile:

I’m pretty solid in (obviously HTML) PHP, JavaScript, SQL, and a bit of ASP, and a few very basic Perl commands. I’m currently learning Java.

PHP is great - it’s a user-friendly programming language, if there can be such a thing. You wouldn’t believe the built-in functions it has.

Perl (heavy)
VB (some)
VBA (more)
Unix shell programming (heavy)
SQL (heavy)
I have done mainly reporting, data manipulation and system administration type programming, but am branching out into some web disciplines currently…


vidi vici veni!

Define “Web Programming”. Please don’t say “HTML”.

I’m a programmer in training!

At this juncture, I absolutely suck at all forms of coding, but I hope someday, with blood sweat and tears, to claw my way up to the level of “only moderately bad programmer”.

I’ve done a little Java, a bit of C++, QBasic, a sliver of assember, JavaScript (if that counts), and I’m just learning a form of Lisp.

I just gotta say that you real programmers are my idols. :slight_smile:

Another x2 here. I haven’t done real coding in the last few years, but here’s my list:

UNIX shell (still, lots)
PERL (still, not much)
Smart Elements (Nexpert)

I really liked working with Smart Elements, too.

Any programming languages designed for easy web-use. PHP, ASP and Cold Fusion are the best examples. JavaScript is commonly used on the web as well, as is CSS, sometimes in conjunction with JavaScript.

Java is somewhat a web programming language, but that’s not where it’s power lies from what I’ve read so far. I think WML and WMLScript count as well, since you really wouldn’t use them on anything other than a mobile internet.

Hope that clears things up. :slight_smile: And no, HTML is not web programming.

By the way: I recommend Wrox Press ( for all your programming book needs - I own 3 books they’ve published (one on ASP, one on PHP, and one on JavaScript), and couldn’t be much happier with them. They’re easy to follow (if you get the Beginner series books), and they contain some nice Appendixes (Appendi? I doubt it…) as well.

Schway! We’ve got x2s representin’ on the boards.

I just got my 5 level and I stay relatively busy on my system. Just not today. :slight_smile:

I’ve been programming for 15 years now, here’s my buzzword list (in chronological order of learning): Fortran, JCL, PL/1, System/360 Assembler, 8080 Assembler, Cobol, DB2, IMS, C, C++, UNIX shells, Java, Python, and Perl.

My main work these days is in C, C++, and Java on Wintel, Unix, and OS/390 platforms.

Done a lot of different things, but for the last few years mainly C++ on WinNT (actually wrote some modules that ended up in Win2K), and OLEDB for SQL Server. Some SQL in there, too. I work for a big company that specializes in storage software.

I am presently 3 & 1/2 trimesters away from graduation in DeVry’s weekend accelerated CIS program.

Classes I’ve completed:
Visual Basic
Visual C++

Currently enrolled in:
SQL Database Management

Other experience:
Java Script

Future classes:

I’m not a professional programmer just yet. Right now, I’m working a network monkey job right now, but have my foot in the door for when I receive that little piece of paper that says I’m thoroughly ejumicated…