Any rail/train operators on the boards?

I recently was hired at a local transit agency. Their ‘entry level’ job is Bus Operator, which I am currently working as. However, twice of year employees can put in for a change of classification to apply for some other job. Basically, most of the positions are hired internally.

This summer, once my work probation clears (6 months) I am planning on applying as a Light Rail Operator. The training program has a real reputation for being extremely challenging, and it is rumored that only half to a quarter of trainees actually graduate through the program.

Now, the situation for me is win-win because even if I didn’t pass the training, I’d just got back to my previous classification (Bus). But I was curious if anyone on the boards has any experience operating a train of any kind, just to get an idea of what its like.

Originally my interest in Light Rail was the fact that you can’t exactly get lost driving a train into downtown San Jose, and that it would be a more straightforward version of what I’m already doing. After actually driving a bus around for a little while I’ve learned that getting lost isn’t a big deal (getting lost/being late aren’t as bad as one might think in this industry- they care more that you can follow procedure rather than someone that knows the streets of Silicon Valley inside and out).

Currently I’m still interested in it, since it does pay more than my current classification, and its a respected position within the organization. But picking Rail Operator’s brains is difficult right now because they operate out of their own yard, and the few times I see them its when they are dashing to/from the bathroom in the light rail station I stop at and neither one of us has enough of a break to really sit down and chat.

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