Any recommendations for grilling Wahoo fish?

A friend gave us an enormous package of frozen Wahoo fish from his recent fishing trip. We’d like to grill it but have no experience with this particular fish. Does anyone have a favorite marinade/sauce for grilled Wahoo? Anything in particular we should avoid?

Thanks in advance.

The Hawaian name for Wahoo is Ono. If you search there seems to be a lot of recipes for Ono on the internet. Although, I’ve never eaten it, the desriptions make it seem like a firm white steak fish. I’d probably grill it at a high temperature like a piece of swordfish with just a rub of oil. Don’t turn it until the first side releases easily after a fairly long sear, this will save you from shredding the fish.

From the small amount of research I have done, it seems to take well to just about any seasoning or cooking style. It seems to be a very versatile fish and is superior in taste, as attested by its Hawaian namesake “Ono”, which means “tastes good”.

From here: Pan Seared And Baked Hawaiian Wahoo-Ono

I was just talking about this to a friend last night! Grill simply with a little sea salt and oil.

Make a fresh salsa or pico de gallo adding some diced mango, chopped mint, a dash of red wine vinegar and some thinly sliced red onion. Cilantro would be nice as well.

Serve with fresh green beans that have been tossed with a little sesame oil, julienned ginger and a dash of oyster or soy sauce. Give that a squeeze of orange juice and you have a wonderful summer meal.

Do you think I should cook the skin side down at first? Thanks for the link - looks like I could bake it if the weather prevents grilling.

MikeG your ideas sound scrumptious! I haven’t found any nice mangoes here though. :frowning:

Trader Joes has GREAT frozen pre diced mangoes.

I’ve never been to one - the Trader Joes nearest me is 400 miles away in Atlanta. BUT I could look for frozen mangoes in the stores here - I hadn’t thought of that! Good idea. We just got a Fresh Market here, I should look there.