Any refinish a tub?

We have a prodigiously ugly bathtub and surround of startling baby blue. I assumed we’d have to tear it out to change color, but allegedly it’s possible to use epoxy and paint over fiberglass.

Has anyone ever tried such a thing? There are kits available from companies like Rust-Oleum .

A friend of mine had a tub professionally refinished. It looked OK, although it was not as glossy as my friend had hoped. I am very skeptical of do-it-yourself kits for this kind of thing.

I’ll second the recommendation to have it professionally done.

I’ve seen do-it-yourself tub paint jobs, and they’re not pretty. “Miracle Method” seems to be one of the more popular and reputable names in the business.

It’s not cheap though. Recall inquiring once about the cost, and it was around $300 for a basic bathtub. OTOH, replacing a tub just because it’s ugly or a tired color is a terrible job.

My dad used a DIY kit. The whole bottom of the bathtub peeled after a few years. It was never a glossy smooth finish - it was a bit shiney but had a few grainy spots (maybe something got mixed in with the “paint” stuff, I don’t know.)

I never took baths after it was refinished, only showers. The surface felt weird.

If/when I have to make that decision, I’d hire a professional or replace the tub.

I had a metal bathtub refinished a while back; it looked great, but I could not exscape the perception that the new surface was ‘soft’ in some way. A week or so after refinishing, I climbed into the tub and my toenail accidentally planed off a huge strip of the new surface - the bit that came off was like flexible plastic film. I called the company back and they came and stripped the tub and refinished again - muttering something about a ‘bad batch’ of materials - but the end result was the same as the first time; it felt soft. It escaped damage only because we were really careful with it after that (which on reflection, was stupid).

We’d only do it if we wanted to sell. The blue is awful though.

My god. I just saw the brain glitch that is the title.

Forgive me. I’ve been doing plumbing and I am stupid. I shall allow you to decide which is the cause and which the effect.