Any scrap value to old galvanized roofing?

I know that copper has enough value at the moment that there are several Darwin Award candidates who are electrocuted trying to steal electrical wire.

Does anyone here know if there is any salvage value to galvanized metal roofing? I most certainly doubt that if there is, that I have to worry about anyone stealing it.

I just bought a property that has several derelict farm buildings with the stuff on top, as well as a pile of some on the ground. If it has value, I’ll try to take it to a scrap dealer, otherwise it’ll likely wind up in the dump…

In my experience the scrap dealer will scornfully refer to it as “tin.” Unless you have a lot of it it won’t pay for the fuel to drive it to the yard.

That being said, you have to get rid of it somehow and it also takes fuel to drive it to the landfill. Might as well get what you can.

It has value, but it may not be much. If you are going to take it to a dump at some point, and there is a scrap dealer somewhere in your vicinity, you may as well take it to the dealer and pick up a few bucks. If you have to drive a long way to get to a scrap yard, it may not be worth the time and fuel.

I found one place that will give you an idea of the value here. It looks like it may be worth seven or eight cents a pound, tops. My personal experience with scrap metal has been that I’ve dropped off nearly 1,000 pounds of miscellaneous steel and iron and received twenty or thirty bucks.