Any significant danger in having a laptop directly over my groin area for a long time?

Some of you may recall a thread I started 3.5 years ago about my ruptured left Achilles tendon. Well, this time I tore the right one. After my surgery tomorrow, I’ll be working at home, on a couch, with my right leg elevated, for many hours a day. The only way to comfortably position the laptop is to place it directly over my groin area basically covering my shorts. Is there any real danger in doing this? In case it’s relevant, I will be VPN’d into my work network the whole time. This could last as long as 4 weeks or more, although last time I think it was only 2 straight weeks and then intermittently after that.

No porn sites. You might dent it.

Danger to you or the laptop? (Curses, ninja’ed by running coach again!)

The crotchal region is surprisingly resilient. A few weeks of elevated temperatures shouldn’t permanently damage anything. Consult a board certified groinologist if you are really concerned.

I’ve heard that excessive heat kills the swimmers. 'Course, that may be a positive. YMMV.

Was more concerned about cancer. If cellphones cause brain cancer… Isn’t it the same kind of waves going through my nether regions?

They don’t.

Really? Missed that news.

So, you’re asking if there is any danger in using your laptop on top of your lap?

It isn’t news because cell phones=cancer is not a thing. Not a thing supported by science, anyway.

I don’t know. I think the lap goes from the upper to lower thigh. However, my position involves the laptop positioned on top of my genital area. My feet and head are both elevated so it kind of settles right in that area. As others have suggested, it wouldn’t work if I were aroused. I’m not a Harlem Globetrotter.

If you keep your laptop there indefinitely, it could adversely impact your sex life.

I don’t know. Computers are becoming more and more, shall we say, capable over the years?

With a bit of effort, this thread can top the famous
“Wheelchair battery’s acid will render swimming pool too acidic to use!” classic a few years ago.

Yep, the radiation from a laptop will cause horrendous damage after 4 whole weeks!

Sweaty balls.