Any Sooners fans on these boards?

You SUCK. No, I’m just kidding :), I’m one of you. Except for this weekend…I’m transferring loyalty to Texas. Anyone else really, really excited for the game? Predictions? I think the Sooners are going to win.

Well, at least K-State put the fear of God into you guys last week before falling short at the end. :slight_smile:

Texas fan here.

A first grade teacher explains to her class that she is an Oklahoma Sooner fan. She asks her students to raise their hands if they are Oklahoma fans too. Not really knowing what an Oklahoma fan was, but wanting to be liked by their teacher, their hands fly into the air. There is, however, one exception. Janet has not gone along with the crowd. The teacher asks her why she has decided to be different. “Because I’m not an Oklahoma fan” she reports. Then," asks the teacher, “what are you?” “I’m a Texas Longhorn fan” boasts the little girl. The teacher asks Janet why she is a Texas fan. “Well, my Dad and Mom are Texas fans, so I’m a Longhorn fan too” she responds. “That’s no reason,” the teacher says. “What if your mom was a moron, and your dad was an idiot. What would you be then?” Janet smiles and says, “Then I’d be an Oklahoma fan.”

Hey, anu-la, you traitor! :wink:

Actually, I guess I can’t blame you too much. I’m a Sooners fan since I attend OU, but I have to admit that if they ever, for some reason, came up against Arkansas, I’d be calling the Hogs all the way home. (Yes, I know OU would demolish them, but a true-blue fan roots for their team win-or-lose!)

As for who will win, who knows? I never predict this game. I’ve found that when emotions run that high, anything can happen. Of course, I HOPE that OU wins. If they do, we just might get Monday off like we did last year!

Well Oreo, I definitely find them the more amusing and exciting team to watch. They always seem to come through in a pinch, they’re good and yet…they’re all over the place. It keeps the pace heated when you’re watching with like 7 guys (I’m a girl). The Texas defection is due to the fact that I may go to law school there. I figure since I come from such an all-black wearing, no school spirit, apathetic Yankee-Canadian background I may as well start building “school spirit” in advance :).

Well Oreo…I like OK because they’re kind of all over the place. I mean, they’re a great team but they are total drama queens. You can never really be sure if they’re going to pound them or lose…or what…and it makes things damn funny when you’re watching with a bunch of guys (I’m a chick). “DUDE, DUDDDDDDDDDDEEEEEEEE…YOU’RE KILLING ME,” <frenziedly> “BOOMER SOONER ANU DID YOU SEE THAT?” So, in the end they’re just kind of amusing to watch. I’m begrudgingly transferring my surface loyalty to Texas because I may go to law school there and I figure since I come from kind of a disaffected-intellectual-black wearing-tedious undergraduate background maybe I can get in on this school spirit deal a little early. Like feel the patriotic ropes, ya know? :slight_smile:

alright…i give up trying to edit/delete one of those two. these boards are wacked.

I hope you get your day off, Sooner. :slight_smile:

Mostly we have a goodnatured rivalry between Norman and Stillwater, but…

[rant]I have had nothing but bad experiences when OU comes to Stillwater and it has nothing to do with the football teams.

OU Alumni are great. It’s the rabid fans that are still in school that I think must have started drinking the night before makes asses of themselves. The only people I ever threw out of the Subway I worked for (right across the street from the OSU campus) were OU students being drunk and obnoxious on game day. That was the year they also vandalized our campus.

Granted, I have no idea how the OSU students behave in Norman, but I don’t recall them painting “OSU” on any of the buildings or statues on OU’s campus.[/rant]

I’m rooting for Texas. :slight_smile: But I always do because I was born in Texas. Except when they play Arkansas, where I grew up. Unless I’m actually home in Arkansas, then my brother and I root for Texas just to irritate my Dad.

Arden, I sympathize totally. I apologize here and now for my fellow (obnoxious) Sooner fans. I am not one of those! I don’t know if you’re at all familiar with Tulsa, but you probably feel about OU the way I feel about Jenks High School. I attended Union and Jenks was our arch rival, and I still shiver with hatred when I think of the way they vandalized our school one year. I know, it’s pathetic. I haven’t been there in so long! How many other people care about their old high-school rivalries seven years after graduation? Oh, well.

Then again, I can be reasonable. I’m dating a guy that graduated from Jenks. I just keep telling myself that since he only went there for two years the snobbiness didn’t have time to truly sink in.

BTW, Arden, where in Arkansas are you from? My entire family is from Pine Bluff.

Okay, continue topic as orginally posted. Sorry! Go Sooners!

A link for you Sooners fans.



Union County. Primarily El Dorado.

Go Texas! :stuck_out_tongue:

I grew up in Nebraska where football is religion and hating Oklahoma was a doctrine all followed.

I was born on University Blvd. in Norman, apparently close enough that I could hear the stadium loudspeaker from my crib. I grew up going to the games with my Grandfather, and have rooted for them during good times and bad.

So yes, I’m a Sooner. I’m way too biased to predict the outcome, but I’m really just hoping for a good game (or a blowout in our favor :smiley: )

I’m getting married on Saturday, but guess what I’ll be doing all afternoon.