Any St. Louis area Dopers?

No, I meant…oh, never mind. Can I at least wear shoes?

Hmmm. I’m not much of a party planner, and we’d have to take into account everyone’s interests. As to where we can meet, I’m all for Six Flags. :smiley:

Westport would probably be best since we are all scattered about. Lots of stuff to do there on foot so we can meet up and do things on the fly if need be. Lots of hotels there so we can all just do dinner and head to a suite if nobody is in a hurry to get back home/would like to have a few drinks/watch some MST3K tapes/partake in the orgy. Lot of options in Westport, but I’m open to anything.

Anytime would probably be good here. Just need a couple days notice.

I’ve always liked hanging out at Westport. There’s a couple different places we could have dinner at, if that’s what we’re leaning towards, or we can hang out somewhere over drinks. Or we can go to the Funny Bone and heckle the comedians. :wink:

This weekend is obviously out since it’s a day away (besides which, I’m sick), Easter is in two weeks and people may have plans, so how about at the end of the month? Somewhere around the 26th-27th?

Stumbles into the room

Damn been in perpetual lurk for a while due to RL issues, but damn a dopefest sounds like a blast, as I missed the last one.

And anywhere is the area is fine by me, just need to know a time and place, to make sure I can arrange my work shcedule to accomadate it.

And shoot, forgot about that email addy being dead…fixing that puppy now.

Hmm…I would think twice about that. I know if I hop up and down, they’d feel the shockwave out in jeff city :smiley:

Hmmm…I’ll have to see about the end of the month, I may be in Arkansas visiting relatives then.

Westport sounds good to me. I’m sure I can find directions somewhere. The only problem is, I don’t have a car. <hangs head in shame>

Grimace, don’t worry about the shockwaves, I’m worried about a bunch of naked strangers getting kicked out of Westport. We might make the news, though.

I was just tossing the end of the month out there to see if there were any takers. We could do it sooner or later than that if anyone cares to. I have no Easter plans, so it wouldn’t bother me to do something that weekend. I have no plans, period, so any time is good for me.

As for directions or a possible ride, my e-mail is available, just follow the link.

Sorry for taking so long to reply. I’m still interested, the only problem I have is that my second job started up again (it’s a seasonal thing) so my Friday and Saturday evenings and nights are now occupied.

Westport is a good location. There is another Train Wreck there…

How did I miss this thread? Is there still any interest in St Louis Dopefest. I spend way too much time on the SDMB, but tonight is the first time I have noticed this thread.

I would be interested in a St Louis Dopefest. The Westport area is fine, I live near Lambert Field.

I don’t have my email address published, wasn’t there some rumor of a program that was harvesting addresses. I meant to change my registered address to one that was a throwaway, but never quite got around to it.

Maybe I could bore everyone with my Jeopardy! episodes?

I was just gonna bump this myself today and say “screw you guys, it’s at Westport” and set a date.

If Bean Counter can’t make it Fridays or Saturdays, would a Thurday or Sunday be to difficult to do for the others?

If it helps, I always get off work by 6 p.m. on Sundays.

I get off at 6pm on Sundays also. Work nights and usually off Tuesday and Wed.

So, uh, I guess that means a Sunday would be good.

So Sundays are looking good.
I’m in, I’m pretty sure Tequila Mockingbird and Turbo Dog would be in with enough notice.

Bean Counter, KCSuze, 5 Time Champ, and Grimace all seem to still be interested.

I’ll personally hound MissBHaven till she agrees. (One of my original Doper wives who’s still around from time-to-time!)

If anyone chats regularly with kunilou, Katisha, GaryM, or SanibelMan can you find out if they’re still interested and if Sunday is good or at least point them to the thread. Otherwise, I’ll just try to contact them myself sometime this weekend when I get a bit more free time.

And since April seems to be out of the picture for now, how’s this for a suggestion… June 1st is a Sunday. June 1st is also my birthday. Who wants to help me turn 30?

June 1 sounds good, and Sunday evening is probably a better time than Friday or Saturday nights. Places aren’t quite as crowded.

Maybe a little longer lead time would give some out-of-towners like Shayna and Spiny Norman and possibly some others a chance to come in.

June 1 would work for me also. And a birthday is a great excuse to down a few brews!

Count me in!

I love to be hounded by him! I am so bummed out but I can’t make it!!! Please drink a few brews for me in honor of Crunchy’s birthday… I will be sitting on a plane headed for sunny Orlando at the time. Be safe, be wild and have fun!

I’m in Springfield (Illinois) and would love to come down for a get together but seeing as it is on a Sunday, I probably won’t make it with work the next day.

Any other potential plans for a gathering?


Unfortunately, Mrs. Kunilou and I won’t be able to make it. But happy birthday!

Well the b-day came and went with no DopeFest planned. In fact I haven’t even been posting in a while, I didn’t get many responses from email and this thread looked like it had died, so I let it go. (Only to revive it a week after it died again, but I’m just back from vacation and seeing the new posts for the first time.)

So, if people are still up for a get-together, email me or keep the thread going so we can make some plans. When would be good for everyone? The only day I’d have to rule out at this point would be June 22, since I’m going to catch the Cardinals play the Royals that day.

Hope you had a good one, Crunchy Frog.