Any St. Louis area Dopers?

Usually I ask this, and the thread floats atop the waters in exactly the way a lead-plated brick would, but I’ve been rather sporadic in the past year or so in my visits, so I thought I’d check in with any newbies (well, anyone within the past year is gonna seem like a newbie to me).

Who here is in the St Louis area besides me and Tequila Mockingbird (who is also absent of late as I understand it). And if you’re in the area, who’s up for a potential DopeFest? Or at least a small gathering?

Some ideas of what we could do that spring to mind:

  1. Go out for drinks
  2. I have some MST3K eps on DVD
  3. Sit around and make fun of people who aren’t there
  4. Sit around and make fun of each other
  5. I have every Monty Python episode on DVD, including the films Life of Brian and Holy Grail
  6. There is NO… choice number 6
  7. One word: orgy

I’m also open to suggestions if none of the above ideas spark your interest.

It’s Crunchy Frog! Did you go disappear for a while or has my lurking just become much less attuned to your posting? Because you used to be one of my favorite posters to read, but I haven’t seen you around lately. You even welcomed me with your Welcome Wagon thread once, though I’ve changed my username since then (used to be lard2000).

Anyway, I’m really just posting to keep this from falling off the page, because while I am currently residing in fair St. Louis I’ll be moving to Chicago in a couple of weeks. I’ve seen a few dopers with St. Louis or otherwise in their locations, but the only one that comes to mind is Sivalensis, who seems cool (she works at Left Bank Books, I believe) and I think tried to get people in STL to gather before. If you organize a dopefest I’ll be happy to come if I can, but I guess if it’s just hanging out I’ll have to miss it.

The frog lives?! Name the time and place:)

We’re still here, Frog, although perhaps a little worse for wear.

Hey, perfect. One of the last dopefests we had was right before Tars moved to the left coast.

Or at least it was one of the last ones I was invited to… hmmmm… :smiley:

Actually, I take it back. The last one was right before Easter last year and I (and the missus) could not make it. (Holy Week is a busy time for us Cat-lickers.)

Anyway, count me as interested if the Goddess Ti-Ming can smile on my calendar of events.

I know a guy in St. Louis that is a real dope. Does this help? He has the ferver of Jack Chick coupled with the verbal skills of Colin Quinn. He is pretty amusing to talk to at times, right up until he becomes annoying.

Fagjunk Theology: Not just for sodomite propagandists anymore.

I wish I were going to be around (I’m long overdue for a visit home, but we just can’t fit it into our schedule right now. :frowning: ) It’d be great to see you again!

As for who else is in St. Louis, I recall from the last gathering I was able to attend that we had Sanibelman (who has since moved there, as opposed to just visiting) and 5 time champ. Also, Grimace and MissBHaven are in St. Louis – perhaps you could email these folks and bring their attention to this thread.

Hope you can get this pulled together and have a great time!

is watching this thread :wink:

I’m in St. Louis!

I’m not absent, I was just engrossed in picking the lint out of my navel. Why does it always seem to match the color of socks I wore that day?

Hey! I just ordered 2 MST3K tapes I don’t remember, hopefully I’ll get 'em before this shindig. Or we could just eat or something.

Oh joy, oh rapture, toe lint!

I’m not absent, I was just engrossed in picking the lint out of my navel. Why does it always seem to match the color of socks I wore that day?

I just ordered 2 MST3K tapes I don’t remember, hopefully I’ll get 'em before this shindig. Count me in, even if it’s just for dinner or some light debauchery.

Ah hell, apparently I forgot how to post. Got way too excited and did it twice because I’m an idiot.

I disappeared for a while. After last year’s ChiDope, AT&T laid me off and I just didn’t post as often when not stoned cold bored at work. Plus I spent 6 months looking for a new job, and now that I have a new job, I still can’t post from work. But life is starting to level off again after a bumpy year and I’m getting back into the swing of things.

5 time champ doesn’t display his e-mail addy, and the one Grimace has is no longer active, so let’s hope they do vanity searches or someone tips them off to this thread.

So any suggestions for what we could do or when?

My work hours and days off vary from week to week, so I’ll either need at least 2 weeks heads up so I can put in for the necessary days off. If anyone is up for a hurried, impromptu get-together as well as fully organized DopeFest at a possible later date, I have a 3-day weekend this weekend 28-30.

BTW, Teq, I lost your phone number again, if you or Turbo could be so kind as to e-mail it to me again. :smack:

I don’t know if I’m actually allowed back, seeing as last time I left without paying for 2 or 3 cokes. :wink:

The last two weeks would have been better, since Natalie and Michael were down in Florida with her mom, but scheduling such an event is not impossible… MST3K-ing sounds fun, I have a zillion tapes too. I’m out of town this weekend.

Better late than never… right? Anyway, I’m game! I should be free with a couple of days notice so scheduling isn’t an issue for me… let me know when and where!

Just putting this back up as a reminder for anyone interested. Anyone have anything they’d like to do? Any suggestions from the group at all? What about an area for us all to get together at? Are we mostly city or county people?

If we want to hang out and watch MST3K, then we’d have to be at someone’s house I imagine, which puts my place out of the running. Anyone stupi— er, gallant enough to offer their abode for a get-together?

A back up thought is that we could meet at Dave&Busters, but that’s way the hell up in North County by me, almost in St. Charles. Somewhere a little more centrally located would probably be better.

Westport Plaza has a few places we could hang out at and have dinner while we’re there.

Or we could all wear leather clothes and hang out downtown and act like some dorky gang and see if we can get arrested by stopping strangers and quoting bits from Cecil’s columns in the quest to fight ignorance.

Or we can all chip in for a hotel room and have an orgy. (Hey, no one said no to that earlier, figure we’ll give it another try.)

<hops up and down> I live in St. Louis! Er, near’bouts, anyway. I also have quite the collection of MST3K episodes, but I suspect it is dwarfed by some of yours.

I live in the Metro East area, so I’d need some notice before I could take off and meet anyone, too. I know it’s not that far, but traffic and all…

I don’t have anything leather besides a coat. Am I disqualified?

That just means you’ll have to show up naked. And do that “<hops up and down>” thing for us.

Good thing the weather’s warm.

I’ll agree to your terms only if everyone else does. And that would fit into your orgy plans, too.

I don’t see why anyone else would object to your showing up naked and hopping up and down.

So as long as you’re here, any suggestions for where we can meet or what we can do? Or when we should do it? <— (This goes for the rest a’ youse guys too!)