Any statistics on the financial state of convicted sex offenders?

Anyone know where to find numbers on this?

Bill Clinton’s doing well - tens of $1,000s for a speech last I heard.
Oh, you said ‘convicted’ - nevermind.

If you’re looking for a particular individual you can search the National Sex Offender Registry. From there you can find the perv’s address and possibly the year/model car owned which may give you an indication of his financial status.

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It’s an interesting question. Many of them are dealing with not only the basic stigma of a criminal record, but with residency restrictions (e.g. can’t live within 1000 feet of a school) as well as mandatory therapy which I was under the impression that they often have to pay for, at least if they are on probation or parole. E.g. Joe Ex-Molester doesn’t just have to worry about finding a job and an affordable apartment, but he has to worry about finding a job that will pay enough to afford an apartment that is further than 1000 feet from a school and also pay enough to pay for his weekly therapy session that he has to attend or else have parole revoked.