Any suggestions for a good bible podcast??

I listen to my ipod all night at work and would like to brush up on my bible knowledge. I’m not really looking for daily affirmations or sermons, just lessons and commentary about the bible/christianity. A more historical-critical type commentary would be better, but anything interesting would work. Any suggestions?

I’ve found a lot of good stuff at - but it does tend to focus on sermons. - My favourite.

Through the Bible with Vernon McGee. 20 minutes a day (IIRC) takes you through the bible in a year.

Daily Audio Bible is free. The podcasts are free and they do go through the Bible in a whole year. The translations used are modern ones and a new translation is used every week. There is usually 10 minutes or so of commentary, although it is very evangelical.

There are several Bible/Christianity courses that you can download from the Teaching Company.


Oh my, one of my favorites is from “The Bible Geek”, Dr. Robert M. Price.

Each podcast is usually in response to a listener question and often around 3-10 minutes each.

The normal (free) podcast feed is here:

Much longer (and $ required) lectures are here:

Give him a listen and let me know what you think!

Here are a few I’ve found. So far I’ve only managed to listen to snippets, so I can’t personally vouch for their quality, but they sound interesting.

If you want something academic, Yale University has an Introduction to the Old Testament course available for audio or video download.

Christian History podcast (not about the Bible so much as about post-biblical-period Christianity)

A single lecture on the making of the King James Bible
If you want to hear the Bible itself, as opposed to teaching or commentary about the Bible, there appear to be several such out there. I don’t know which is best; I suppose it depends on which version/translation and/or narrator you prefer.

Sorry for the delayed response. I work too much.

The bible geek was exactly what I was looking for but I could not get the podcast to work, which means I probably won’t have time to listen to it since I’m at work all the time. I don’t think the site offers it anymore. If I’m wrong please let me know.

I am halfway through the christian history podcast, which I also really like. The guy does get on my nerves sometimes when the Baptist preacher starts coming out in him, but he is a historian and its very worth listening to.

Thanks so much for your suggestions.

(Apologies for late response, for some reason I’m not getting notifications.)

The Bible Geek seems to still be working for me - the last one I’ve got is from May 28. They are having some recording issues and asking for some technical help, but the content appears to keep coming.

I just checked the link and it appears to be serving valid XML and .mp3 links.

It’s well worth the effort to get working, IMHO - so maybe give it another try?

Also a bump in hopes of more Biblical Criticism podcasts!