Any suggestions for freezing chicken (marinades?)

So, my Grocery Game list tells me this is the time to buy chicken breasts. Well, fine, I’m a little robot and I want to stock up. I know how to freeze them normally - stick in freezer, right? But I wanted to try something different. I have a vacuum sealer, and I know some people seal chicken breasts in marinade and freeze, and when they defrost, voila, marinated chicken. (I have also used recipes from the FoodSaver website where you do your chicken, like, half-done in several recipes and then you defrost and finish, and those actually turned out pretty well.)

Does anybody have suggestions? Does it work? Any favorite marinades? Would I be bettero ff cooking something and freezing finished food?

Bump? Anyone?

From what I’ve heard your idea should work pretty well. I would just add in any marinade that you enjoy, you might not even need as much as usual since it is getting vaccumed so more of the marinade will stay on the chicken. Wish I could help ya out more.

Ok, this is SO not gourmet, but it works.

Store bought Teriyaki sauce. I marinate lots of stuff in it. You can also use Italian Dressing.

If you want made from scratch marinades, just Google “Chicken Marinade”.