Any time difference when indirect grilling two whole chickens vs one?

I’ve got a large charcoal Weber grill, and I’ve indirectly grilled dozens of whole individual chickens with great success, but I’d like to try grilling two at once. With one bird, it is usually done between an hour to 1.5 hours. Should I expect two will take more time than one? I’ve got the room, but I worry about having them under done or too dry. Thanks.

Nah, it takes me the same time for 2 chickens on a can as it does for 1 on my small propane grill.

Generally if an oven (including a covered charcoal grill) isn’t operating with a “just barely” amount of heat, it cooks however much is in it in a given time.

A microwave is a whole different matter, where cooking time is quite dependent upon how much stuff is in there.

I have had great success doing the beer can-indirect heat thing in 45 minutes. I bet that 2 chickens would cook in not much more time.

Yes, as mentioned, about the same for two chickens as one. But, per this comment…

I highly, highly recommend you get a meat thermometer- the kind with a probe on a wire that you insert and leave in. Take the chickens off the heat when it hits 165 in the breast portion (thighs can go a little higher, 170ish). You will never again have too worry about your chicken being either underdone, or overdone and dry, it will always be juicy and perfect.

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